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Flat To Share

Heather Said:

which product has the greatest market share, flat pack or rigid built kitchen units?

We Answered:

Your grammer, punctuation, and lack of capitals make your "question" hard to read and almost impossible to understand.

However, from the sounds of it, you are selling unassembled kitchen cabinets?
The market share would depend on the area you're in, or even the country you're in. There are European products that are available that are better, cheaper, and easier to use than the equivalent product available in the US or Canada. But, they are rarely if ever used, because it's never been used before.

Drywall is a perfect example...simple to use, cheap, dead easy. It was invented in the late 1800's, but didn't become popular until after WWII. Why? Because plaster & lathe took too long, and the crews had too many houses to build!

Armando Said:

I am moving to abu dhabi, I am single male looking for a good flat share with a descent guy/lady?

We Answered:

I don't know where you are from but in the UAE you will NOT move in and share a flat with a single lady:))
Flat sharing is "illegal"* but common. You just should be aware of 2 more things. In case of any rent dispute you don't have any rights, also not if you "landlord" wants you to move out from one day to the other. The other thing, watch that a flat won't be over crowed. Otherwise it will take any other resident just one phone call and you can move out immediately

*unless a tendant has the permission of the flat owner to sublet.

For your accommodation search, please use the link giving below.…

Good luck!

Deborah Said:

When 3 or more people share a flat, how to describe this situation in English?

We Answered:

I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that legally they are known as "Joint Tenants." In the vernacular, they are known as roommates or roomies.

Jim Said:

What are the best websites for finding flat shares in Sydney and Melbourne?

We Answered:

u will alot of choices from there.Thanks

Virgil Said:

Flat share bills dilemma...?

We Answered:

Man, they can see you coming from a mile away my friend.
You are being exploited. Have you considered looking for other digs?
It sounds like you are on a kind of "sublet" ; why would you pay two months deposit? Has your other flatmate passed the money to the landlord/letting company? I bet he's keeping the second month. Watch when you move out he dosn't invent a load of b0llocks to try to justify not giving you the deposit back.

you say "to keep flatshare cohesion". You are living with a tyrant.
SH*T happens it was an honest mistake - HELL NO YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY IT ALL YOURSELF!!

Assert yourself mate.

The g/f thing is WRONG. As a bare minimum, the utility bills should be split FOUR ways from when she moves in.
Heating, lighting, washing, showering, cooking don't all happen for free. Its a fact your bills are going to RISE as a consequence of her being there. And dont fall for "she'll pay for half of my share" m'larkey.
State that from next month you CAN NO LONGER PAY FOR THE BROADBAND.

Yes it's good advice about calling a meeting. (w/out the gir/f) Write it all down. You have a better hand than they do.

Lorraine Said:

Flat share in Paris Marais - can anyone help me find one?

We Answered:

Le Marais is also the 4th! Try and look up rentals to share.

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