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Flats And Houses To Rent

Denise Said:

Where should I look for flats to rent in London?

We Answered:

The best site to try is
they have most properties for rent in the UK
you can input West Kensington and it will show
every property for rent from a 0.25 mile radius up to a 40 mile radius

Veronica Said:

Can a 28 year old rent a flat/house and have a 15 year old "lodger"?

We Answered:

It would be almost completely down to the discretion of the landlord, however you would have to make it very clear to him that you and your baby will be living there permanently with your boyfriend, as if he rented the place by himself and then you moved in you could risk eviction if the landlord found out.

You might find a landlord who is willing to accept such a morally shakey situation but most would be likely to turn you away, especially agencies. It would be too much of a risk for them.

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