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Flats And Houses

Amanda Said:

what's the difference between "Studios/bedsits" and "1 bedroom flats/houses"" ?

We Answered:

In a Studio/bedsit everthing is in one room. bedsit, kitchen and lounge chairs. ( very cramped) and a shared bathroom.
In a 1 bed flat or house, you have a seperate kitchen and bathroom plus a seperate bedroom and lounge.

Clayton Said:

Are there any council houses or is it just council flats?

We Answered:

Councils own and rent out all manner of housing. Generally rented property is not furnished, although carpets curtains and cooker is the norm. Yes, you can redecorate, but they may force you to return the property to its original state when you leave.

Jacob Said:

Best websites for renting rooms flats houses ?

We Answered:

In the UK, the market leader in this field is This site gets by far the most traffic, and therefore the most prospective tenants.

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