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Flats For Rent

Frances Said:

lewisham private landords with low rent flats, where can i find them?

We Answered:

lewisham might be a good place to start...

Tom Said:

How are the prices posted on Craigslist (London) when looking at the flats for rent?

We Answered:

try Loqqad,
simple&unique design, unique concept, easiest way to search for also local housing ads.
keep on loqqing if u havent found, it ll be the future trend

Wayne Said:

How much do apartments/flats rent for in Germany?

We Answered:

Where in Germany? It varies a great deal in the country and even in cities themselves. It is very expensive in Munich and Hamburg, a place in the nicer areas of Munich is about twice of what I pay where I live in the Ruhr area, and I don't live in the cheapest parts there. Also German unfurnished flats are really unfurnished, usually just the bathroom stuff, toilet, basin, and bath. There usually isn't even a kitchen sink and sometimes you have to put in flooring yourself!


I don't really know Heiligenhaus too well. I have only moved to the Ruhr area not that long ago because that is where my husband is from and lives now. Don't usually go outside the directly bordering towns unless we go even further going Düsseldorf or Köln. I know that Heiligenhaus is much smaller than our city and, therefore, it will be cheaper.

Here are a couple of sites I have found. I don't know how big of a place you want or where in the town you would like to live, but they should give you an idea of what you can get in the town.……

Hope that helps. While I don't the town, I have found people in this part of Germany to be very nice people, even to me who speaks very little German.


I don't think they have an English version, they don't usually have something like that for those letting agencies. You can use a online translator to get the idea of what the places are like. A lot of people do speak English but some can be very shy to speak it because they feel that should know more English than they do because they had to take English in school. You most likely have to get a translator to do contracts like renting a flat because that all will be in German, German is the only official language of Germany. If you are being transferred to Heiligenhaus as part of your current job, I suggest that if it something you really want to do that you ask for help getting set up.

Well, I am not sure where you are from to be able to be able tell you what expenses are like in Germany. Things in Germany are cheaper in comparison to the UK, which as been by far the most expensive place I have lived, but Germany is more expensive comparison to the US and Canada and about the same when you average everything out with things in France.

People do about the same things with their free time as you really do in most other places, go to the movies (most movies are dubbed, if you want to watch movies in English you will have to look for ones that have "untertitelt" rather than being "synchronisiert"), watch TV, go out bars and restaurants, go to the park for walks, etc. You will be pretty close to Düsseldorf and so if you have trouble finding things to do in Heilgenhaus, you can find things to do pretty easily in there. Essen is a nice city as well, but not as big as Düsseldorf; however they'll be European cultural capital in 2010 so they are trying to more cultural things now. The only English channels you normally get is BBC World and CNN. We get this one Dutch station that has some programmes in English and some of the stuff is on MTV is in English. If you want more than that, you will have to pay for extra channels. You should be able to some English channels on the radio. Many places have native English speaker clubs as well, which you might find helpful at first if you are worried about not being able to speak English with people.

You shouldn't have any trouble getting an internet connection, you should ask the people that you want to rent from if it is possible to have an internet connection the building, I know that it is a problem getting it some old buildings because there is nowhere to put the wiring to set it up. When we moved to a different apartment, it took about 2 1/2 weeks to get the connection set up.

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