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Flats For Students

Gabriel Said:

How do you answer such question?

We Answered:

You should do your own homework or at least put the Q in the homework category

Donald Said:

If you go into a shared flat with students and are not a student what do you pay in council tax?

We Answered:

Im not sure exactly how much as this depends on local council tax charges and depends on what the council tax band the house is in, BUT if your the only person in the house as a non student then you should be entitled to the single person allowance and get 25 per cent off the council tax.

All you need to do, is phone up your local council and ask them about it. They should be able to tell you what council tax band your in and if you qualify for the single person allowance and the forms to fill in!

IF there is more than 1 non student then it will be full council tax split between you and the other working person.

Best of luck!

Beth Said:

Benefits and disadvantages of flatting for international students.?

We Answered:

I think it would be a disadvantge, as you do not know the area. Second year maybe

Carla Said:

What are good sites for searching for flat retals for students or for student price?

We Answered:


Alan Said:

my daughter is letting a room to students,how should she declare income to inland revenue?

We Answered:

Your daughter is doing far more than just letting out a room if she is providing food etc

What she needs to do is list the total income she receives, then list the total expenses eg food,heat,light etc
As for the taxi that may be seen as an incidental expense
Your daughter would be far better to make an appointment with an accountant, even just once, and he/she can guide her through what is claimable through her tax and what is not

Minnie Said:

Can you get prosecuted by TV licensing if you only use your your tv for playstation and watching DVDS?

We Answered:

You can only be prosicuted for watching broadcasts, if you watched pre-recorded content it would be fine, if you play your console its fine.

The only hassle is proving you dont watch broadcasts on it!

TV licence van people are DI*KS, they come on strong and try to intimidate you but if you only watch recordings and play your console, then please tell them that mate. WHY should you pay for a licence when you dont watch the broadcasts?

gd luck

Discuss It! said:

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run 3 cool math said:

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