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Flats Houses For Rent

Laura Said:

I'm 17, can i rent a flat/house?

We Answered:

This is a legal issue. You have to be at least 18 to sign on the lease otherwise the lease you signed will be voided and not considered a legal document which the Landlord cannot enforce. You could consider getting a parent to co-sign to make it legal.

Norma Said:

Where can I rent a flat/house in Chongqing, China for just one month?

We Answered:

No answers yet? Try posting the question here -…

Clinton Said:

homes and flats/apartments for sale/rent in sydney nsw...?

We Answered:

I would try Craigslist. You can search what you want by what you can afford. Good luck to you. Here is the link

Corey Said:

how much do you pay to rent a flat/ house?

We Answered:

How much it costs depends upon where do u live, the size of the house/apartment.

You can find more information at

Gary Said:

Hello does anyone know the cheapest area in south wales to buy a house rent a flat?

We Answered:

try and go from there. a very user friendly site. Just put in postcode eg.SA2 and follow the dropdowns.

It will also guide you to estate agents in the various areas.

Probably worth speaking to local council planning dept about alterations such as ramps etc to establish if any planning permssion is needed and also if any grants are available for that type of work.

If you dont ask, you dont get & the worst that can happen is they say no.

Good luck

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