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Flats Houses London

Shelly Said:

are houses shared in America like it is in London?

We Answered:

If someone wants to share a house, they get a roommate. Some people will rent duplexes, but they're separate living facilities (one building closed off from each other so they're like apartments). We don't have shared housing where two or more strangers live in the same domicile and each pay the owner separately if that's what you mean.

Sandra Said:

How I can monitor house/flat prices in London ?

We Answered:

Try this website:

It lists all the properties that have been sold in the last couple of months and confirms the price at which they sold. Their information is obtained from the Land Registry which is why it takes a little while to log properties as they have to wait for the new purchase to be registered, but you have the advantage that you can choose a particular road to search, rather than giving a ballpark figure for a district.

You do have to register your name but this is free and you are not bombarded with junk mail from them. You can also get monthly updates as to the final sale price of houses in your chosen area.

Kent Said:

If flats are so expensive in London, why don't you build one?

We Answered:

There is no land left in London, and what there is in the outlying areas is extremely expensive. Also, you cannot build something cheaply and probably not by yourself because the government sets standards on buildings and you must meet all those standards. In general, new construction is more expensive than buying an older place, but there is a chance you could make a small profit if you sold it when you were done.

Christine Said:

I need to move into a new house/flat (London).I just need a room.What is the best in yr opinion the best webs?

We Answered:

try it has things from house shares, privarte lettings and houses for sale. you can sepcify the post code area or specific district and also enter the distance around that area that you want to look..... good luck

Hazel Said:

Looking to rent in London, currently living in Manchester, is a council house an option or just private?

We Answered:

Council housing is getting fewer and farther between - all the councils sold off their housing.

You might be able to get housing benefit - but finding a private landlord that will take that is often a problem.

Penny Said:

Who wants to buy houses and flats for only under £1000 in London ?

We Answered:

Actually this is quite a common type of deal for first time buyers.It is even possible to buy a house with just £99.00
Check the link below.
Answer as follows:
Q1 Yes
Q2 No
Q3 Yes
Q4 Yes

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