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Flats Houses To Rent

Jerome Said:

My husband and i are looking for a 2 bed room apartment / flat / house on rent in Muscat.Can anyone pls help.?

We Answered:

I thought Everywhere had newspaper classifieds for rental listings ,
NO newspaper classifieds in Muscat ?


Timothy Said:

I'm looking to rent a flat/house, how much will it cost altogether?

We Answered:

highly approx £100 month(well it is in derbyshire) ,plus you have to take into account,tv licence,water 300 a year,obvioulsy gas n electric,most landlord you have to sort all these your self,there may be meters for gas and or electric,hope this helps ,good luck

Minnie Said:

Flats in London or England?

We Answered:

Has rental and buying section and covers all the major estate agents.

Judy Said:

What is the cheapest part of Birmingham to rent a flat/house?

We Answered:

Aston - twinned with Helmund Province...

Peter Said:

why do people prefer to live in council flats and houses instead of private landlord ones?

We Answered:

Ah you are assuming most people are on housing benefits But hundreds of thousands aren't ,, They work but do never earn enough to get a mortgage and buy their own property . So they need to rent .. Council rents were at one time much cheaper than Housing associations and private lets , So many people still live in council houses and flats from the days when they were £5 a week . OK they have all gone up now but council still cheaper and very often newer properties than lots of private lets , and there are dump sink areas as you say ,, but lots of council estates are very nice , Specially where there are houses ,, rather than flats , Some of the worst areas are the rows or Victorian terrace houses let privately , all in poor repair and shabby , Landlords don't look after them as well as councils

Ben Said:

What is the most expensive part of London to rent a flat/house/bedsit/commercial premises?

We Answered:

W1 (West End) and SW3...and a bit of SW10 (The Boltons...but I suspect there are NO bedsits in the Boltons!)

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