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Flats In London

Mattie Said:

How much are people paying for their water bill in London - Specifically in 1 - 2 bedroom flats?

We Answered:

Wow, I live in a 2 bed flat, Victorian built, East London, and pay £15 a month, for two people.
I'd call them up and ask them to confirm it's the correct ammount.

That's what I did when first moved in. The first 6 months they wanted us on much more. They told me they *Estimate* how much you might use based on *Averages* ie number of rooms and number of people.
I was told to give them a call 6-7 months later, which I did and they lowered it down to £15 a month. That was 3 years ago!

So it's worth a try!
Good Luck!

Rosemary Said:

What websites are good for finding flats in London?

We Answered:…

Connie Said:

What is the avergae yearly price of service charge for leaseholders in small block of flats in london?

We Answered:

I don't know whether there is such a thing as 'average' as the charges relate to the services provided by each building and to the building's size but you should expect to pay around £100 a month for repairs, maintaining the common areas and for building insurance. Then, if you have a porter, this will be additional.

On top of this, there is going to be the cost of doing major works like painting the facade and redoing the roof. These are often not included in the service charge but are levied separately. You will be legally obliged to pay your share.

Earl Said:

Why dont they build a block of council flats in London just for,?

We Answered:

I think that's a brilliant idea ~ but make sure it's a sub-standard building and they live in over crowded conditions like people in the real world do ~
You really have hit on a winner ;-)

Isaac Said:

What is the average yearly service charge for a block of flats in London?

We Answered:

Service charges are a movable feast and may include a number of charges that you do not directly benefit from. As far as I know there is no "average" annual service charge as there are so many variables from block to block.

Service charges are usually levied at a percentage of the total cost and estimated bills are issued. The actual charge may be higher or lower than the estimated bill at the end of the charging period. Your lease will contain the percentage of any service charges you may be liable for.

You may find further information in the above by clicking on the following link:

Best wishes.

Ryan Said:

Does anyone no any good flats in London that is near a college?

We Answered:

Depends what your doing at college.
Kings College is located in Warran Street, some nice places round there.

Updated 26th Feb:
Try looking at - They are the estate agents within London. I havent checked, but they also do rental listings, so have a search around for what you want.

Good luck ;)

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