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Florida Student Housing

Nicholas Said:

Section 8 housing in Florida eligibility?

We Answered:…

Will give you a list of Public Housing and Section 8 housing office in Florida.

You should be able to get Section 8 housing. Good luck

Marvin Said:

Best place in Florida for a college student to move to?

We Answered:

I know of no community colleges that provide housing. Hillsborough Community College in Tampa has three campuses: N. Dale Mabry, Brandon and Ybor City. Go to to the campus that is near where you find reasonably priced housing. I would suggest you look in the Northdale area for the N. Dale Mabry one. There are a lot of reasonably priced apts in the Brandon area. You might check craigslist to see if you can rent a room somewhere.

Nina Said:

What does everyone think about the Florida student who got tazed at the Kerry speech?

We Answered:

To was a disgrace to that particular police department when they cannot handle a person, who is clearly upset because he cannot speak his mind AT AN OPEN MIC session. They should NOT have tassered him.. that was just wrong and yes I do believe in violation of his rights..
It does remind me as well of the 60's demonstrations and the head smashing w/ the batons.. shameful that our law enforcement STILL cannot handle one person peacefully.

Monica Said:

NEW COLLEGE OF FLORIDA: Will I be able to get off-campus housing status?

We Answered:

NCF has housing options, 8 residential halls/dorms. If you want to live off-campus, you can always rent an apartment. Just search Google for "sarasota + apartments" and you'll get a few things coming up. Also, check out local classified ads and craigslist.…

Colleen Said:

Hi, what are housing options for a student moving to Florida attending college there without a job?

We Answered:

Does the school have residence where you can apply to live at? does she even have money saved? i think right now she should look into getting a job and have enough money saved so she can afford to live on residence and pay for her schooling. If her parents are paying for her schooling (like mine) all you will have to worry about is having enough money to live on campus. Im currently looking for a job too so ic an live on campus.. the commute would be brutal from where i live to the college. Im guessing her college starts in Sept.. so that will give her enough time (starting from NOW) to save up for living expenses.. shes gonna need to obviously work full time or as much hours as she can so she can at least save up 7,000. All this would be possible without having to take out a student loan.. (i did the calculations) thats assuming she works sometime in Feb. When she goes there she can get a job on campus or at the local store nearby.. she might also want to take a tour of the school ahead of time and ask any questions she may have. I say email the guidance concelor.

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