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Foreign Student Housing

Herman Said:

Does anyone know how to house a foreign exchange student and get paid for it?

We Answered:

You're kind of beat if you go through an exchange program because part of how that works is a lot of them do get to stay for free. You have to put up an add somewhere saying you want a roomate on a student visa. Then you have a foreign student who is in America for school, but isn't part of an exchange program.

Then you end up with a regular roommate, but from another country.

A lot of those programs don't pay, and the ones that do generaly aren't that reputable.

Plus if you use the exchange program you really can't control who you get, where as if you ask seek a foreign roommate, you get to choose the person.

Phyllis Said:

What is a good gift for a foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

A U of M tshirt!

Keep in mind that her bags will probably already be full and that weight is an issue. Think small or flat, and definitely lightweight, or something that she can wear.

Real maple syrup or Sander's Hot Fudge might be a good choice, though it would violate my rule about weight, could not be a carry on due to security rules and giving anything chocolate to someone from Belgium is risky, I suppose.

A goody bag for the trip home with socks to keep her feet warm on the plane, American magazines and favorite snacks would probably be warmly received. (No liquids, of course.)

Because the 4th of July is coming up you might find something cute with stars and stripes.

To my surprise, something that has been a big hit with exchange students is a "Build a Bear" - she would have to carry it on, but nobody has had to leave one behind yet.

Ethel Said:

I'm interested in housing a foreign exchange student. Have you ever done it? Any advice?

We Answered:

Usually you do it through an agency. I suggest EF or education first. You have to go through a application process, they have to meet your family, examine your home and school surroundings to make sure everything is perfect for the student. I don't think there are any finnacial benefits, more likely it is strictly volunteer. If you have children, having an exchange student will definately change their ascpect on things and broden their horizons. The cultural exchanges can be a priceless gift and learning about different cultures is truly rewarding. It also can give you connections to people around the world. I would say go for it.

I enjoy languages, literature and cultures so I would love to go for an exchange but my parents will never let me.

Ben Said:

What do you have to do to house a foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

Depending on what organization you want to go through. I am a 16 year old from the USA in Germany for a year with Rotary, and they are a great club! When I get back, my family will host an exchange student. My advice? Go to/email/call the president of your Rotary club and ask about starting the process of hosting an exchange student! You may want to hurry though, it may take some time. (: Best of luck!!

Irene Said:

How do you house a foreign exchange student from France?

We Answered:

In your search engine, just type "foreign exchange student " and also "become host family" and you'll come up with a lot of organizations that deal with arranging everything (visa, insurance, etc).

Then, once you have found some organizations that look nice, do a little research about them online. You'll probably also find forums where people give their opinion. Once you feel that you have found a trustworthy one, contact them. They will explain everything to you. Also, a representative will visit your house and interview your family. You will also be asked to attend a meeting where other host families to be will be able to get useful tips and ask questions. If they don't do any of that, don't trust them, as it also means they don't screen the prospective exchange students. Make sure they explain everything as to insurance issues.

You can also ask the language teachers in your school, they sometimes receive brochures about foreign exchange student programs.

EDIT: I just found these articles that you may find useful:……

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