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Fsu Student Housing

Tiffany Said:

FSU Housing?

We Answered:

Hi Angelica!

I really recommend that you stay in a dorm and sign up for a meal plan. This keeps you on campus, near classes, and your food is prepared for you - a plus when you have many assignments due at the same time (finals!, too).

Depending upon your grades, you may be eligible for "honor" dorms, where the students are more quiet and serious. The location is primo, too. This also helps keep the focus on studies.

This was my experience. Hope it makes sense to you, and helps you make your decision. You will have plenty of time later for apartment life, with cooking, etc. Enjoy!

Lloyd Said:

University of Florida essay?

We Answered:

I think that a 3.0 isn't actually that bad, kid...that's a B average. And 1950 is an EXCELLENT score on your SAT, congrats. Colleges like to see improvement, too.
I wouldn't write yourself off just yet!

Also...with the essay....It's really good! I'd scooch things around a bit. Maybe make it clear that your love of a challenge came directly from your realization that you'd made a poor choice early on in your high school career, and you knew you wanted better. Also, I would be more concise when explaining your home situation. You could simply say that you have persevered even though your mother has been deployed for the majority of your high school education, and your fathers career keeps him at arms length.

Lucille Said:

Low income individual....HELP?

We Answered:

HUD website has lists of low income apartments in your area. Most have waiting lists but it's not true that people with kids get helped first. Once you get on a list, you don't get bumped by anyone unless the list you are on has a priority, like for elderly, handicapped or disabled. You would be on a list for a 1 bedroom and the people with kids would qualify for a two, three or four bedroom place. The rent is based on a percentage of your income. Usually 30%.

Annette Said:

Chances of getting into FSU or UF?

We Answered:

Let me tell you this as a resident of FL looking at colleges for the upcoming two or three years.
Your chances of getting into FSU are spot-on.

However, for UF, now considered a Public Southern Ivy, the competition is fierce.
Both the saluditorian and the valedictorian of my local IB program went for UF as a straight-shot, especially because there's that Bright Futures for in-staters. They had outstanding extra-curriculars, IB Exam Scores, SAT scores and both were of a minority group.

So, count on FSU, cross your fingers for UF because, believe me, there are kids that have got what you've got and more that are now going to's becoming quite the brainpool!
But, money talks, and if the tuition is free, a lot of people are going to apply.

My Advice?
Still apply to UF but use FSU as your safety.

Explain your Fs and Ds in your essay.
Your extra-curriculars are good, so really emphasize those.
The thing that worries me are those SAT scores. Did you take them multiple times?
Worse case scenario: Two years at FSU and then transfer to UF (it's cheaper that way, too).
Where there's a will there's a way.

Keep working hard, and good luck. (:

Allan Said:

Financial AID- FASFA ????

We Answered:

Depend on your age.

If your dependent (under the age of 23), you will not be offered any money. I know because I made 13k and my mom made 40k and I didn't receive anything but stafford loans. However, I would still fill out the fafsa because if you want stafford loan or certain scholarships you will be required to fill out the fafsa.

Now if your independent (0ver the age of 23) you may be offered a pell grant, state aid and stafford and perkins loans.

Cindy Said:

Does anyone know how much financial aid I'll get on average from my FAFSA?

We Answered:


Students with an EFC score of zero are said to have demonstrated "exceptional need" - in fact, that's true of any student with an EFC of 4041 or less. As I'm sure you realize, zero is the lowest possible score, which indicates that you are amongst the applicants with the greatest amount of financial aid need.

Applicants in the "exceptional need" category qualify for special forms of financial aid known as "need-based" aid. Only those students can receive these forms of aid.

Need-based aid offered by the US Department of Education include 4 grant programs (Pell, FSEOG, ACG and SMART), two special loan programs (Perkins and subsidized Stafford) and the Federal Work Study program. You have qualified for consideration for all of those aid programs.

Now - that doesn't mean that you will get aid from all of those programs - in fact, I can tell you, right now, that you won't receive them all. However, you ARE guaranteed to receive a Pell Grant. Of all of those need-based aid programs, the Pell Grant is the only one that qualifies as a "quasi-entitlement" program. In plain English, that means that anyone who qualifies for a Pell Grant will get one.

The other programs that I mentioned are smaller, supplementary programs. Your school receives a limited allocation of funds for each of those other need-based aid programs, and there is never enough for everyone who qualifies. The financial aid office at your school comes up with some fair way of splitting up the money as best as they can. One thing I can suggest is that you make sure that you submit your aid application before FSA's "priority aid deadline" next year. Students who apply before the deadline receive first crack at the money in those small programs, and students who apply beyond that date rarely receive any of that money.

In addition to your Pell Grant, you are also guaranteed to be offered the opportunity to borrow from the Stafford loan program. If you will enter FSU as a 3rd year student (credit-wise), you will be able to borrow as much as $7500 for the school year.

Let me make a comment about the Stafford loan:

Don't freak out that a good part of your "financial aid" is simply the opportunity to borrow. That's entirely intentional. The aid system is designed around the principle that the student and the student's family bear primary responsibility for paying for school. The whole point of the financial aid system is to make it easier for you - that's why it's called aid. Even the poorest students are expected to bear part of the costs of their own education. The Stafford loan is an incredibly easy loan to get, the interest rate is low, and you get 10 years to repay the money (which doesn't even start until you've been out of school for 6 months). That, right there, is financial assistance.

The money that you will borrow will help enable you to provide yourself with a college degree - the degree will lead to a good job - the good job will pay you a good salary - and the good salary will make it easy for you to repay the loan.

So what do you have available to you?

A Bright Futures Scholarship that will cover 75% of your tuition and fees cost for the next 2 years. (that should be about $3255 this year)

A Pell Grant of $5350 this year.

A Stafford loan of $7500 this year.

That, right there is $16,105. The total estimated Cost of Attendance for a Florida state resident at FSU is $17,468.

By my calculation, just those 3 forms of "aid" leave you about $1300 short of your total cost for the year. I'm thinking you're going to be okay - what do you think?

Good luck.

(and hey - no more excuses, okay?)

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