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Graduate Student Housing

Phillip Said:

Housing Options for Graduate Student?

We Answered:

you probably need to find your own place. Grad students RARELY get any housing options from the schools.

Curtis Said:

Graduate student housing...?

We Answered:

I also got my undergrad degree in psychology, and shortly realized upon graduation that there is rly not too much you can do with just a BA of arts (or science) in psych. its a very general degree, but on the positive side it does open many doors. I decided to do an MBA, and go the business route.

I am first semester grad student, and i live in residence (on campus housing). I applied for FAFSA and get enough money for tuition, housing, books, and extra (e.g., transportation, spending money, ect). I got 8000$ per semester, and after the 2-2.5 years once i graduate, i have a 6 month grace period to find a job, and start making payments. Yes it is annoying to have debt, but welcome to America, and basically i see student loans as an investment in yourself. With a masters you definitely have a competitive advantage in the work force, and i do believe it will more than pay itself off.

Also, given the current condition the US is in right now, being in school, pursuing higher education is really the best place you can be.
After i get settled in, i plan on applying for a "graduate assistantship", you should also considering doing that. Basically you work on campus (e.g., for a certain department within your university) 20 hrs a week, and it can pay for most, if not all your tuition. Plus you get working experience and it looks good on a resume. Once you apply for jobs they'll see , you not only have a masters degree, but work experience as well (which are basically the 2 things they look for anyways). so it's a win win situation. If that doesnt work out, there are always other part time jobs you can find (on your own, or through your school employment center) just to help you out a bit financially while in school.
I'm currently taking 3 graduate prerequisite classes, and the course load is definitely not as tough as i had anticipated. A full time Grad student takes 3-4 classes a semester btw. I started out with 3 cause i just didnt want to be overloaded and get burnt out first semester. If your taking 3 you can definitely work while doing your degree.. i know ppl taking 4 and working as well.
I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions you can email me. Good luck!

Enrique Said:

Do most schools provide housing for graduate students?

We Answered:

Most schools have a limited amount of graduate and married student housing, but it gets filled up fast - usually by undergrads who don't want to live in the dorms, and then the grad student either end up stuck living in the dorms instead (because as an incoming grad student, undergrads from the previous year will get to apply for housing first), or you just live off-campus. Grad student housing is usually pretty crappy, but cheap. You might want to apply for that as soon as you get in somewhere, and then start looking for an apartment.

Gladys Said:

What are the best housing options for graduate students going to UNAM, a famous university in Mexico city?

We Answered:

UNAM is located in Coyoacan, which is a great neighborhood. You'll want to be selective about where exactly you look for a place, but you can find some beautiful homes/apartments to rent there.

Coyoacan is very popular with artists. It's home to the Frida Kahlo house, the Diego Rivera house, the Leon Trotsky house, etc... On weekends, artists sell their items in the central square.

Look for a home/apartment with good security - controlled access, a 24-hour "velero" who is kind of like a doorman. If you can find a "calle cerrada," with its own guard, you'll be even that much safer.

Another neighborhood that is nearby is San Angel.

Ella Said:

Graduate Students: Housing?

We Answered:

Most grad students I know tended to either: A) live on their own (in a cheap/decent studio or 1 bed, if finances were an issue), or B) lived together in an apartment with their significant other.

I don't think you'll have any issues doing the A thing. It seems to be fairly popular, for obvious reasons (no roommates to deal with, your own place, etc).

However, doing a roommate deal would not be a bad idea if you found a roommate who was also a grad student (especially of similar focus). You'd have a lot to relate with. And... if you needed more private time for studying, it is very popular at my university for students to go to the library and study (which have private rooms, public areas, quiet areas, etc).

You could also look around a bit. I know in my area, there are some apartment complexes that have a significantly high percentages of graduate students (and even some professors).

(most grad students I know are engineers)

Ricardo Said:

Graduate student housing situation?

We Answered:

I was in student housing for three months and couldn't take it. The head guy that ran the thing would constantly move people in and out then come into the apartment at seven in the morning and begin complaining that the place was a mess because the other roommates would leave trash everywhere. Student housing is a great way to meet a better roommate to maybe move into a better place later. But if you have the money the just get your own place. Stress is high with student housing especially because the rules are usually insane. If studying alone make you have better grades then don't gamble on your G.P.A..

Also, just as a it might happen thing. My rep constantly rose the prices on us and made us pay one hundred dollars more each two weeks. My rent ended up being 500 dollars for a two bedroom with three other people!!!!!

Again, your own place is your best bet due to your like of studying.

Marsha Said:

What are the best University of Chicago Graduate Housing apartments to live in?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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