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Hamilton Student Housing

Jeanne Said:

New Owners / Property Dispute?

We Answered:

Get it surveyed again, and show them the report. They must move the fence. If they don't, you go to court.

Rosemary Said:

can you get student welfair if your parents kick you out?!?

We Answered:

Depends on Canadian law. Can your parents legally kick you out?

Deanna Said:

Which teams do you think will be interested in Chris Henry?

We Answered:

Oakland Raiders thats right we'll take him.

Matthew Said:

High school student trying to figure out this whole college deal...?

We Answered:

Your stats are not nearly strong enough for many of these schools: Haverford, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Tufts, Amherst, Dartmouth, Hamilton. You need a minimum of 3.7-3.8 GPA and 2000+ to get in these kinds of colleges.

The rest are reasonable matches. Connecticut College, Trinity, McDaniel, Loyola University Maryland, Bennington

Trinity is not rural but in the city of Hartford. It is similar to Holy Cross in Worcester which is 1 hour west of Boston. Maryland is more suburban/city than rural.

Lance Said:

Is 5mbps internet service fast enough when going to be split 6 ways?

We Answered:

Uhm well, you of course won't get the listed speed to begin with....

But == unless you guys are a group of major nerds who stay in all day and download 24/7 on all 6 comps you'll be semi-ok.

You really have to be honest though because if all 6 people were online at once, heck even if 4 were on... one person playing a online game, another person downloading, the other 2 would have really slow web page loading.

Upload limits are important as well -- if a person is uploading a lot (something you usually do while downloading on P2P or torrent) it will create a bottleneck and inhibit download speeds significantly.

A plus to having 6 people is 6x's the amount of money to spend on a connection!

Really the only person who can answer this question is you guys, just do a quick poll of how often everyone thinks they will be online and try and keep it honest... if it's a going to be a lot I'd suggest more than the 5mbps service, also try and get one with a good upload to match.

Alex Said:

Moving out?

We Answered:

Most airlines these days will only allow you one bag without extra fees. I'd check into shipping your stuff to see how much that would cost, then do whichever is cheaper.

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Hamilton students are surely grateful for this opportunity for them to have their own houses while studying.