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Harvard Student Housing

Penny Said:

Do you have to repay harvard financial aid?

We Answered:

As an international student you will not be eligible for government grants or loans. You will have to rely on the college and on your parents. I am curious that you are so sure you are eligible for financial aid, I have a friend attending Harvard now who received no loans or grants from them even though her parents were both unemployed. Her problem was that they are homeowners.

Harvard is unusual in that they have 'needs blind' admission. That means that they accept the best students without regard to their ability to pay. If they accept you and your family is very hard up, you will receive a package which will cover not just your tuition but also your accommodation and even your travel costs. It is likely to be a combo of grants and loans. Typically the loans have to be repaid as soon as you graduate but as a percentage of your income. People spend many years repaying their Harvard loans as the tuition fees are very high.

Gloria Said:

How do I get accpeted to Harvard?

We Answered:

How many times are you going to ask this? Do you think that our answers will change?

Harvard wants people who can learn -- and you are not showing that you can.

Cassandra Said:

What colleges have "microcosm" housing?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Herman Said:

Harvard student life help?!?

We Answered:

All you want is on the collegeboard website.
Here is a link…

it's a great and helpful site!

Sherry Said:

How do I get into Cambridge/ Harvard?

We Answered:

You said year 9, so I'm guessing you're English? Apologies if I'm wrong. Don't know about Harvard, but for Cambridge:

You need to get the highest possible grades in all the exams you do between now and the end of year 13. This means GCSEs, AS levels and A2 levels. It's really a bit early to be looking at universities - I'd suggest maybe get out and enjoy being young! But if you're really that keen, try to find a course that you think would interest you, look at the entrance requirements and take those subjects when you decide your AS levels. Then ace them. Cambridge look for an overall UMS of 90% plus - really, they are after the best.

In terms of what you do out of school, find something you enjoy and do it. If it's related to the subject you want to do then great. Also, see if Cambridge need you to do an extra admissions test and prepare.

Finally, have you looked elsewhere? There are many fantastic universities, some of which may be better than Cambridge for the course you want to read. Don't limit yourself to just the top of the league tables which may or may not suit your style, and bear in mind that many, many good applicants are turned away every year.

All the best.

Anne Said:

Seeking housing in Singapore for a Harvard doctoral student working at Singapore Gen. Hospital?

We Answered:

Why not U try "homestay"...

Homestay can be one of the most rewarding experience in a student’s life... for an international students’ stay in any foreign country... Is an excellent way to make friends, and at the same time practise your Mandarin while living in a safe and comfortable environment.

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