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Hawaii Student Housing

Sue Said:

I'm sixteen years from NJ. I want to move to Hawaii for my senior year. Is there a program for me to join?

We Answered:

Sorry there are not any programs like that. You should try and get really good grades and then go to the University of Hawaii. If you have enough credits and have taken all of your high school classes needed for your transcript you can try and graduate early. I would talk to your guidance counselor and see if you have completed all of your credits then work on scholarships and financial aide and your parents lol. Good Luck!

Rosa Said:

What kind of start up business can a 22 yr old student do, with little time living in Hawaii?

We Answered:

I have an idea for you. I have a friend that has her own business and does very well. You might want to take a look at the telecommunications industry and collaborate with and have your own business within that industry. You can partner up with a 15 year old company. The largest direct selling telecommunications service provider in the world. (don't just limit yourself to Hawaii either! you can go world wide!) They've been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 rated them the 22nd fastest growing company. Donald Trump has endorsed them, uses the products and is highly involved in this company. They market in services people use every day and pay for anyway. Things such as local and long distance telephone services, Internet services, digital and video phone services, VOIP, Satellite TV and all the major celluar phone providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Altell, Nextell. You help people save money on services that they are already using, or can offer them services that they don't have. After helping someone on their existing services, or putting someone on a new service, every single month these people pay their bills, you make a percentage every single month, month after month. That's just one way you make money in this business.
So there's one idea for you.

Andre Said:

Housing , help me?

We Answered:

Have you asked the college where you are going? I would hope they would have advisors there to help students with things like that.

Off Campus Student Housing
Student Housing. Ka La Newspaper ... about utilities, average costs of housing in Honolulu and additional resources. ... Honolulu Community College is an Equal ...…

That's just one, hope it helps.

Esther Said:

How do i talk to my japanese exchange student?

We Answered:

That's part of the fun of speaking to non-native English speakers.
Keeping what you want to say simple will help, speaking slowly and perhaps writing down what you want to say, and using gestures will help you.

However, knowing that they are Japanese and that they are international students, their schools, parents and fellow Japanese probably wish that you speak only English to them.

Peggy Said:

What do I do when I cannot afford my rent, already put applications for job #2, tried for more student loans?

We Answered:

have you tapped into the option of living with your friends/ relatives, so that you can save up the money?.. if it's not an option, craigslist is not that bad of an option.. yes, there's been some bad publicity lately but it doesn't represent every ad that's out there.. you are an adult, so you won't put yourself in the harm's way - you are free to leave if you don't like something: it's not like you have to live with the roommate forever.. you don't sound like a person with a spouse and 2 kids, so what's holding you back?

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