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Holiday Houses For Sale

Rick Said:

Having trouble with our house sale ...please help!?

We Answered:

Keep nagging the Solicitor...EVERY DAY! And the Estate Agent...they do little enough for their money as it is!

Frederick Said:

what is clause 157 of the housing act 1985?

We Answered:

157 Consideration for reconveyance or surrender under s. 157.

(1) The consideration for the offer by a tenant, referred to in section 157(4)(a), to reconvey or surrender his interest to the landlord shall be such amount as may be agreed between the parties or determined by the district valuer as being the amount which is to be taken as the value of the dwelling-house at the time the offer is made.

(2) That value shall be taken to be the price which, at that time, the interest to be reconveyed or surrendered would realise if sold on the open market by a willing vendor, on the assumption that any liability under—

(a) the covenant required by section 155, and

(aa) any covenant required by paragraph 1 of Schedule 6A , and

(b) any convenant required by paragraph 6 of Schedule 8,

would be discharged by the vendor.

(3) If the landlord accepts the offer, no payment shall be required in pursuance of any such covenant as is mentioned in subsection (2), but the consideration shall be reduced by such amount (if any) as, on a disposal made at the time the offer was made, being a relevant disposal which is not an exempted disposal, would fall to be paid under that covenant.

(4) Where there is a charge on the dwelling-house having priority over the charge to secure payment of the sum due under the covenant mentioned in subsection (2), the consideration shall not be reduced under subsection (3) below the amount necessary to discharge the outstanding sum secured by the first-mentioned charge at the date of the offer to reconvey or surrender

Allen Said:

Moving while husband stays behind?

We Answered:

i disagree w/corinne. the house will look a lot bigger w/no furniture. as far as leaving hubby on his own-if you have a VERY strong relationship and trust him, go for it! (then again-if he wants to cheat and im not saying he does-he can do it whether youre there or not) it would be a great time for yer mom/kids to hang out, get to know each other, y'know? b 4 u do it, tho-get a time frame down. it cant go on indefinitely.

Erica Said:

Japan: Foreigner-friendly regions and Holiday question?

We Answered:

When I was studying in Japan I lived in the countryside on an onion farm :)
I found that the countryfolk were much friendlier than the city people as is common with most countries around the world the countryfolk are more simple and dont worry about such issues that city people do like gaijin hanzai (foreigner's crime) polluting japanese society. Though of course you may not be able to find as many english-speaking citizens in the countryside i can guarantee you will find them friendlier and always smiling. So visit Kyushu or Hokkaido. As long as you attempt to speak Japanese and dont try and speak english to them slowly like they are dumb (because everyone hates that) you'll be right.

However, if by "foreigner-friendly" you mean easy to get around the main cities all have signs in english so you are safer in that sense. So Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka are the places to go.

Apparently Okinawa is quite a foreigner-friendly place too but i cant vouch for that.

Christmas in Japan is amazing but it's not quite as big as in western countries where i got christmas sale catalogues in september. They're more sensible and put up the decorations late november/ earl december. Families have little christmas parties and have Christmas cake. They dont sing carols though.

As for black friday US and canada are the only countries in the world that celebrate thanksgiving. However an equivalent for shopping discounts may be golden week or end of season sales

Gail Said:

Can I list my house "for sale by owner" and then contact one of the people who viewed my house with an agent?

We Answered:

You can contact her, but don't think you are going to steal the commission. The RE agent still gets their commission.

Matthew Said:

Does anyone know a Russian website where I can advertise my spanish house for sale?

We Answered:

Try online websites and brokers.
They have large database, consultants and loan assistance also

Robert Said:

Can I put a Nativity Scene in front of my foreclosed house?

We Answered:

consult an attorney

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