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Homes 2 Let

Robin Said:

Don't understand why 2 immagrants guys are in jail and they dont let them out.if they did not do nothing wrong?

We Answered:

Being in the US illegally (as in UNDOCUMENTED ALIEN) is illegal! So, they did do something wrong. If they want to be here, they need to follow the rules and have a legitimate Visa, or be a registered resident alien. Otherwise they go to jail until they get deported (sent back to wherever they came from).

Jaime Said:

Should I let 16yr daughter move back home? She's had problems/trouble in both homes. Been w/her dad 2 yrs now.

We Answered:

EDIT: Oh btw all you half-wits who think that we should always accept everything children do no matter what, and always welcome them back to the family home. GET SOME FVCKING BRAINS!! Obviously you people have never lived with an out of control youth. They aren't crying out for help, they are just trying to get attention which they don't deserve. They just don't understand how the world works because they are too stupid, and it is NOT a parent's fault if a child is like this!!! My mother tried SO HARD to get my out of control siblings back into school, away from drugs, she tried EVERYTHING, no one could help her, not any counsellor or psychiatrist or anything. It was not her fault, and it is not the fault of this mother. Grow the hell up and look at the real world! Life is not all happy families bull sh*t. 16 years old is more than old enough for this girl to know EXACTLY what she is doing. The problem here is that she thinks she can get away with it and nothing bad can happen to her. She needs to be taught the opposite, that her foolhardy actions will give her serious consequenses.


I wouldn't put up with her. She sounds just like my sister (except my sister is a junkie and on drugs), and my mother threw her out and with good reason. It is not fair for your daughter to be behaving this way and she needs to understand that if SHE behaves badly, things will be bad for HER. Her life right now is the direct result of HER own actions and she deserves it if it's messed up.

I would let her move back in, but make her sign some kind of contract or agreement about her behaviour. Tell her if she breaks it just once she can go back to live with her father.

She needs discipline, it's good that her father hit her (I assume like, spanked her?). She needs to learn some self control.

Since she sounds so much like my stupid junky sibling, I advise you to check whether she is on drugs, because if she is constantly like this it can be a result of drugs. After she started doing drugs she became insane and constantly agressive. The only reason I don't actually have an AVO on her is because I don't want to have to go to court. Btw if she IS on drugs, take her to the police station and let them fine/punish her. Maybe some community service and/or a hefty fine to work off will give this brat some perspective.

Give her a chance, ONE chance. There's probably nothing wrong with her like being bi-polar or whatever, she just is undisciplined and stupid and thinks her actions will have no consequences.

Freddie Said:

Why do some employees in hospitals, group homes, & nursing homes neglect/abuse their patients?

We Answered:

after an auto accident in 2005 i spent almost 4 months in a nursing home. i have never seen such hard working underpaid unappreciated employees anywhere before or since. like all of society 99% of most anything is good it is the bad 1% you here about. abuse should be reported, if you know of any one or any facility that is abuseive or fails to meet the expected care standards for residents contact your states governing body. these things do happen and it is sad but the system is overloaded, understaffed, low paying and is going to get worse due to the baby-boomers.
most RN's, LPN's and certified nurses aides are caring, conseiencous people who love their residents who live everyday knowing that another "old friend" that they care for may die. i have attended numerous funerals where there were more nursing home staff then family in attendance.
family members visit their "loved ones" in the home once a week some once a month many not that often, they visit for an hour during lunch or stop by while bingo is being played. very few family members are there to toilet, feed, bath, dress, walk, play with and cry for thier family member. the staff does it 24 hours a day 365 days a year, year in and year out.

you have every right to ask questions and should be concerned about nursing home care but don't lump all together because of a very, very small number who make the news.

report the ones who fail to care for their residents, but as important thank the ones who do. and visit the residents all they want is some company and your love.

Darrell Said:

why does my dog pee inside right after i let him in the house from being outside?

We Answered:

Its pointless just LETTING your dog out, he does not know why you are letting him out. You must TAKE him out into your safe fenced garden/yard and praise him when he performs.

Thomas Said:

Where are the foreigners getting money to buy homes?

We Answered:

their hacking into people's bank accounts.

Vera Said:

How long does my ferret need to be let out for every day?

We Answered:

hehe Keeping a ferret in a cage all day is like keeping a dog or cat in a cage all day. Its quite cruel!

My ferrets have about 6 hours out of their cage per day. They can be left to roam in their ferret proofed room. Keep in mind that you DON'T have to hang out with your ferrets for the whole six hours they are out!! Spend a good hour or so with them and then let them to their own devices.

punkrawkgrl...I personally believe it is cruel. I'm sorry that you don't agree...then again, its none of your business how I care for my ferrets just as its none of mine about yours. Do what works for you and your guys...after all, that's what I do! ;) I know about the falling off the dresser. You mentioned that before. You also said something about snagging nails in carpeting. Interestingly enough whether you are home or not your ferret could get on top of a dresser, fall, and break its neck. Its an accident and no ones fault. The reality is no one has time to hang out with their ferrets all day...hence ferret proofing. Back to snagging nails in carpeting...I have had a ferret snag his nail in a hammock, while he was supposedly 'safe in his cage'. Thank goodness I was there. Point is, accidents, no matter how careful or how good you ferret proof just happen sometimes!

Perry Said:

Obama needs to let it be?

We Answered:

Agreed ,California has been overpriced for decades.Let the market correct itself.

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