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Homes For Students

Terri Said:

Where would you suggest finding homes for foreign exchange students on short notice?

We Answered: are in a pickle.

I know this may sound odd, but have you thought about contacting local churches? or what about other non-profits in the area. I bet they would join forces to help.
What about the head of the PTA for each high school? They may know someone or at least give you more ideas.

Good Luck.

Nancy Said:

Where can I find statistics about the amount of money home schooled students make when they grow up?

We Answered:

There isn't any way to get this info since there isn't any real data collected on homeshoolers. It's one of the problems a lot of researchers face when trying to make statistical claims about homeschoolers, the only ones who are in the statistics are the ones who volunteer their info.

I'm wondering who gave you this assignment, it truly seems impossible.


Brad Said:

Can students get sent home because of the snow?

We Answered:

yeah its called
early dissmissal
for us its usually like a
half day : )

Ian Said:

Why do you feel public schools should be required to allow home-schooled students to participate in athletics?

We Answered:

Because we still pay property taxes to support the public schools. We pay $2600 to our district that we aren't using. And we save the state money, b/c they don't have to pitch in the extra $8K to our district.

However, I have no need for this. My HS'ed son participates in community sports and HS'ing classes for PE.

Our district does allow HS'ed students to take driver's ed (for a fee), foreign languages, band, choir, etc.

In most states, it's an issue more with the state high school athletic commission than it is with individual schools.

Betty Said:

What is a college students home?

We Answered:

The other students may not be in the same situation as you. Many of my friends live at the dorm's or in apartments at their respective college and they still consider this town their home. My guess is because they are technically still living with their parents when school isn't in session.

Helen Said:

Give me your thoughts on a Denver school sending home notices to students for being overweight.?

We Answered:

It was out of line for the school to send home health notices with the students. The school should have proposed health changes at a PTA meeting rather than sending health reports home with the students. What should have been discussed at the meeting would be: healthy cafeteria changes, P.E., and the health hazards of being overweight. Then the parents and school personnel could have discussed the matter and better solutions would have been reached rather than involving the kids in a matter that is not fully their responsibility.

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