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House Flats For Sale

Yolanda Said:

What is the most popular website for flat fee MLS listings to sell our house?

We Answered: You can list one house for free or you can pay $395.00 and list it on MLS. You can also list it and have broker assistance for $695.00. All the costs of listing are a one time charge. I think you will find the web site I will give you very helpful.

Calvin Said:

I have a house for sale in MI - not sure if I should sell and lose $100,000 or go into foreclosure?

We Answered:

Well, unless you have $100K in the bank to make up the difference, you can't sell it at all hon.

A deed in lieu and a short sale is treated THE SAME as a foreclosure for future lending purposes. Usually this will bar you from getting an A-paper loan from 3 to 5 years.

Why wasn't this addressed when you two divorced? Sounds like a bad divorce attorney to me, because ALL debts, including how the house is to be disposed of, how long someone has to refinance, the fact that it should be sold and how it should be sold, must be addressed when you divorce.

First, get a new Realtor. If it hasn't sold in 3 years it's not going to or she needs to know how to renew the property on the MLS listing, or something. Anything sitting on the market under the same MLS number isn't even coming up when Realtors sit down and do a search for property.

I wouldn't offer her anything, I would TELL her:

Either you agree to the Deed in Lieu or I'm going to STOP paying it altogether.

A deed in lieu avoids any deficiency judgement but you must get this agreement in writing from the bank before you proceed. If it goes to foreclosure, you don't have that protection.

What is she going to do? She can't sue you and collect equity that isn't in the property.

You are in the driver's seat on this one.

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