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House To Share

Leo Said:

How do I find a good house share with professional people in London?

We Answered:

Try Gay Switchboard in London. They do flat shares. Living with gay men can be fun. Queens always have nice homes, usually in a smart part of town, can cook, and will be very sympathetic when your boyfriend dumps you.

John Said:

Professional looking to move to Durham, can anyone help me find a house share to rent?!?

We Answered:

have a look on icnewcastle website, there's a local accomodation search on there. Not sure which websites you've been on, but is the best.

Joseph Said:

Is it possible to move into a house share and claim housing benefits?

We Answered:

If you're under 25 you can only claim housing benefit for a bedsit or a room in a house. If you're over 25 then I'm not sure but I would imagine that there would be no problem in doing so.

Marie Said:

How can I get a flat/house share in Liverpool via the dss?

We Answered:

try ymca and go from there

Rhonda Said:

Do you think it's strange or sad for a 30 year old woman to be living in a house share?

We Answered:

Neither - just a sign of the economic times - I am sure if she could afford it she wouldn't be.. many 30 and 40 somethings are still at home for the same reason.. plus in the 50's etc lodging was the norm - again because unless you were lucky enough to get social housing, afford a mortgage alone etc renting was all that was and is on offer really.. plus few jobs give us enough for a really comfortable lifestyle so what other choice does this lady have?

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