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Houses 2 Rent

Timothy Said:

is there any 2 bedroom apartments or houses for rent in guelph ontario at a cheap price?

We Answered:

i dont live arore so i dont kno...but maybe google apartments in ur area

Tanya Said:

In College Park, Orlando, what does a 2/2 house rent for?

We Answered:

The average rental price for a 2/2 house in College Park, Orlando is around $1,200/month.

You can find some great detail on the College Park, Orlando area at's site...…

Ricardo Said:

What is the range of house rent (2-bedroom ) closed to Sydney not more than 20-km far away ?

We Answered:

it depends on the standard although it's not going to be astronimical...
BTW, 20km from the city centre of Sydney is really out in the suburbs like way past Burwood in the West, Manly in the North.
I would say no more than 400pw. or are the best websites. Service apartments are also an option if it's short term.

Gregory Said:

How do you rent out houses in fable 2?

We Answered:

easy, just interact with the paper outside the home (the one you used to buy the home) and go down to "rent out". and if you want to lower or raise the rent.. go down to adjust rent on the paper. but if you raise the rent on all of your homes you will become corrupted.

Alexander Said:

how much do houses rent for? 3 bedrooms 2 bath?

We Answered:

depends how much the landlord would want to sell it to you.

Earl Said:

If i own 2 rent houses & a mobile home but never financed?

We Answered:

No, because you have not claimed any as a permanent residence. Plus this is considered income producing and it does not qualify for the mobile home as that is not considered real property. Mobile homes (unless they have a cement foundation and are a manufactured home) have to have license and registration from the department of motor vehicles or Bureau of Motor Vehicle (same as tags for cars)

Tiffany Said:

I would like to buy a house &rent rooms ,houses within my budget will need work, is there gov. money 2 help?

We Answered:

Susan, if you do not have a Masters in Social Work there is no way you would qualify for a grant as you would not even be qualified to run a house like this.

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