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Houses And Flats To Rent

Wendy Said:

How easy is it to rent a house/flat when you have bad credit history?

We Answered:

There are definitely ways you can get into renting a house/flat. You can look at renting from the owner instead of a company (you have a better chance at compassion here, but don't screw up).

You can also find places that will work with you. You may have to put down first and last month's rent up front or a larger deposit.

I would start saving now and see where and what you can come up with.

You can do it, it just takes a little more work on your part and lots of research.

There are also some places (if you are over a certain age) that do not perform credit checks, but your apartment will not be great quality.

Claudia Said:

House on rent in Hyderabad / Secundrabad without broker..?

We Answered:

I would check the local newspapers in that area, or even call a Realtor, some real estate offices have rentals available. If none of that works..
Here are a couple of websites you can try...

Good luck!

Ethel Said:

i am looking for a secondary school and flat /house to rent somewhere between croydon and luton?

We Answered:

I would go to the luton or croydon website and look at Secondery educaltion. Im in Yr 9. I live in Milton Keynes but go by bus 2 Bedford. You don't have 2 live right outside the school, if u have a way 2 get there thats gr8. Also im sure that there are many people like u who move late. Its fine!!!

Gd Luck M8

Alexander Said:

I will be moving to Oslo(Norway) next month, can some one tell me what is the average house rent in Oslo?

We Answered:

Renting in Oslo doesn't come cheap, and there is not that much on the market. The best web page for this is I guess you don't speak Norwegian, so use this link:…
to see available homes for rent in Oslo.

First it says "Alle områder" which means "All aereas" (in Oslo), and under you'll find all the aereas in Oslo. For example Bygdøy - Frogner (137) means that there are 137 availabilities in this aerea.

Expect to pay at least 8000 NOK (1400 USD) per month.

Linda Said:

Wanted House/Flat to rent around Hove Brighton area 22nd Dec to 7th Jan?

We Answered:

Try and go to their self-catering tab for the best ideas.
Good luck and welcome to Brighton this Christmas!

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buy college essay expert said:

Very important missing item: ask if the building has had any problems with bugs of any kind (most importantly, bedbugs or mice). This is not something that would be apparent on a lease or when visiting the apartment in person. As someone who survived living in an apartment building that, unbeknownst to me, had a longstanding bedbug problem (which could have been discovered if I had spent more time researching, or if I had asked the landlord showing the property), I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough, and will never allow any friend to move into a building without asking the landlord this question. I was in a rush to move into a place and didn't do my research sufficiently. The trauma and PTSD (not to mention financial costs) of being physically harmed by bedbugs for months on end, visiting doctors, and having to break my lease to find a new apartment, is something I will never forget. If you live in New York City, the landlord is required to disclose any history of bedbugs within the past year on a document included with your lease (a rider). If you don't get the rider, ask for it. Not providing the rider is against the law. In DC, while looking for apartments in Dupont area in spring 2016, I asked each landlord this question. One answered yes- there had been a problem with mice in the building. Glad I asked!! Did not move in there.

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