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Houses Flats For Sale

Shane Said:

Can you buy a house/flat on downing street?

We Answered:

Not possible i'm afraid. Downing street is offices and PMs residence only. There are armed guards and security gates everywhere so even if you could buy a house it wouldn't be a pleasant experience i'm sure :P

Maria Said:

I'm selling my house, do you think that my buyers have backed out, I haven't heard anything for 3 weeks?

We Answered:

Contact your solicitor
Solicitors are like wheel barrows, all the time you are pushing they are moving forward.
Stop pushing and you can go back a week later and they will be in the same place.

It can take a lot longer than three weeks depending on a number of things, including the solicitor. Start pushing for a completion date, say its going back on the market to sell or rent.

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