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Houses In London

Darrell Said:

what are the effects on the government imposing a maximum price on new houses in London and the South East?

We Answered:

Demand would go up. supply would drop and building would cease.

Melinda Said:

im buying a house london there is alot off damp on the wall inside, expert say its next doors building extens

We Answered:

first thing i would do is find out exactly where the dampness is coming from, once thats been distinguished, if it is indeed due to next doors extension then a letter to them sayin basicly its your responcibility to rectify the problem, if they dont, which i doubt theyll do as of the cost implications, then you can take your case to a solicitors or ask your local authority (council-building control) and work from there.

so, if they caused the problem then they have to fix the problem

oh and if they built the extension illegally, ie they didnt get planning permission and a granted building warrant from the local authorities then they do not have a leg to stand on in court and i reckon they would be made to pay for ALL the damage done to your property

Franklin Said:

Is there a site that I can find out what is the boundary of various houses in London. thanks?

We Answered:

The other reply is right. Even an Ordnance Survey map only shows where the boundaries are and not where they legally should be (the 2 may not necessarily be the same). You would have to do a search on a specific property via Land Registry and you will have to pay I am afraid.

Terrance Said:

What kind of fireplaces did modest houses in London have in the 1850s?

We Answered:

Modest houses had what people referred to as "black leaded stoves", they were about 7' wide and 5' high, consequently the mantle shelf was 7'. There was a fire opening in the middle with a huge ledge at the back and this was heaped high with coal and racked down into the grate when it was needed.There was an oven on one side and under the oven was a closure plate. when the oven was in use the closure plate was removed and the fire was drawn under the oven. On the other side there was a cast iron pot with a lid on the top and this was filled with water. There was also a closure plate under the pot and this was removed to enable the fire to be drawn beneath it to heat the water.The water was then drained off when needed by a small tap on the front.
This was the only method of cooking and heating water.

Jose Said:

Where can I find a workplacement with London Fashion Houses for this Autumn?

We Answered:

try writing to them - you can find the addresses on

Karen Said:

Where are the most reasonably priced houses in London?

We Answered:

Harrow is a very nice area and affordable.

There are parks and parking spaces. Amenities all around and you can easily reach the centre with the Metropolitan Line.

Debra Said:

how do i find the house prices for houses in london for the 1990s?

We Answered:

How about a trip to the library and the newspaper archives ; classified ad's for real estate from newspapers then?

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assignmentsdone said:

London has high property rates in world, if you have ever visited this popular city, you would observe millions of people come here to visit this place. That is the reason they charge high rates than other countries.

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Accommodation is the biggest hurdle while living in UK, have you ever checked this because prices are much higher than other countries of the world. This is the reasons why girls face so many issue when they land of this country. Its pretty freaky to live on such expensive place.

paperpk said:

You haven't shared price of houses, however you can find cheap houses in London, all you need is to search manually.

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Can you please tell us how can we buy cheap houses there because rate is much higher than what we expect. I would be really thankful to you for this act of kindness. review said:

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You know that London is considered one of the most expensive place on earth, you can't even afford to live here because of the huge expenses. Choose online and select cheap apartments for you.

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For a city that has been developing for right around 2000 years, there is an immense assorted variety of lodging and networks over the city. You can discover diverse sorts of property in every region to suit all financial plans. The ongoing enormous interests in the East and the approach of the 2012 Olympics mean the lodging business sector will advance by and by particularly for the individuals who come here as an outsider. They need to confront a ton of issues in the event of the lease and cost in the event that he or she needs to purchase a condo.

opensearchnews said:

There are thousands of the articles on such issues and reasons are obvious, inflation and migration, millions of people migrate to European countries and that's why their rates have been increased.

holidaysforquince said:

Houses in London are an expensive one, the true reason behind this is immigrants, every year's hundreds of thousands of the students come and study there and it's hard to give jobs to everyone. said:

I am willing to guide you how to place your order online and book your favorite restaurants and residential houses, it would save a lot of money as well. Thanks a lot for this information.

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Most of the people talk about this shit but there is no reality in it, if you want to buy any house in London, it would not work for you because it is too much expensive.

askwriter said:

List is huge if we just look at the houses with elegant style and beauty, I must tell you that you can even search about cheap houses available in London these days, follow me on urgent bases.

studentsatrisk said:

You need to download the latest app for this purpose otherwise local agents will charge you double and you can also have problem when room will be shared.

pplgas said:

As far as real estate is concerned, London is the most expensive one as compared to other locations because most of tourists and students come every year and try to live in this city.

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