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Houses In The Uk

Natalie Said:

Cob houses UK?

We Answered:

Cob houses……

Better still reuse empty homes

Association of Environment Conscious Building

Green Building Store

Look at the alternatives first:
Build your own

Reuze - recycled wood

The Timber Research Development Association

The Forest Stewardship Council

Stop misuse of urban land

Check area for pollution, landslides, flooding etc

Other Considerations:
Is your house well insulated?
Do you have plenty of natural light?
Is it energy efficient?
Emit low levels of CO2?
Have you harnessed natural energy - sun, wind, water?
Are your building materials recycled?
Do your materials all come from sustainable sources?
How do you have minimal effect on the environment?

Vivian Said:

Please read & help me out. Army Houses UK ONLY?

We Answered:

If you are not married to your man, you are difficult to grant an accommodation service.

By a i

Harvey Said:

Catholic Guest Houses UK?

We Answered:

Maths is weird

Bigotry + religion = human rights

Nathan Said:

what percent of people in UK listen to House music?

We Answered:

Check out an amazing techno band called RapidFflow. They have a great self titled album and I recommend buying it on iTunes. Here are some links to some of their songs. Hope this helps.…

Gladys Said:

Old houses UK outside period features, architecture... What is this...?

We Answered:

It sounds like a shoe scrapper. Many houses had these, often built into the wall as the streets were unpaved until recent times and animal droppings were spread around because everything was horse drawn.

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