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Housing Assistance For Students

Steven Said:

Can students get on rental assistance?

We Answered:

I dont see why not, unemployed lazy people get on it all the time,not saying that all people on assistance are that but there are some people who take advantage of things like that but IT can take a while to be approved for it or be on a waiting list. good luck.

i wasnt saying you are lazy,maight have sounded that way, I mean you are working, I was talking about some people take advantage of rental assistance.

Dale Said:

financial assistance for students in las vegas?

We Answered:

That amount is low enough you can find part time employment and take care of that no problem.

Ashley Said:

Are there any colleges that will help married students with children find housing?

We Answered:

The school I attended (Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon) offered housing for students with families. It wasn't the traditional on-campus housing experience, but it was near campus (five minute walk) and is convenient.

I'm not familiar with pricing or the facilities, but here's the website:…

I don't know what your budget or your majors are, but OSU is a public school (cheaper than private, but more expensive for out-of-state students) with great programs in engineering, science, and agriculture and many strong programs in the liberal arts and human sciences.

Hope that helps!
Good luck!

And I think it's really admirable that you are both going to school with a family - that's no easy feat!

Just because that previous person is bitter about his/her experience doesn't mean other people can't take advantage of important and useful services offered by schools to make education accessible to EVERYONE no matter their circumstances!

Ramona Said:

Is there any kind of housing assistance for students? ?

We Answered:

No. Any assistance you would qualify for (unless you have a child), would have to get out of student loans or get a roomate.

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