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Housing Benefits For Students

Ruby Said:

Can i claim housing benefits being a full time student?

We Answered:

Income support is ONLY paid to those who are single parents OR have a disability/illness or care for someone who is ill or has a disability, so that one is out.

The only time HB will pay out to those in education is if your in full time education AND you have children or have a disability!

So in your situation, no they won't. If your under 18, your dad must support you as your still a minor!
Of course If your in education and your over 18, then it's up to you!

You either tell your dad to pull his socks up, that HE must take responsibility for the fact your still underage and HE is still responsible for you and keeping a rood over your head OR you up your working hours each week and also try to apply for the EMA (Anyone 16 or over in full time education gets this when parents income are below a certain threshold)

(my youngest sister's dad refused to sign any paperwork so she got through her GCS'es and A levels with NO EMA money and only surving on her saturday job)

If your over 18, you may have to come to terms with the fact your dad won't let you rent free and it's not his resposnbibly anyway, and that you cannot afford to only work a few hours week. You may have to start work full time and do your course part time instead!

Check out the links below regarding EMA and housing benefit.
It's one thing for your dad to want some money towards food and bills but if your 16 he has a duty to house you. He should not be asking for rent at 16 when your still in school!

Use your part time job to contribute to food and bills but THAT is it! You say he cannot afford to keep you at home because you can't afford the rent? So what changed when you turned 16? Rent is rent, regardless of age. What was he doing when you were 14 then? Rent does not go up just because someone is a little older. I can understand the issue about extra bills and food, but rent is different.
If you moved out of home HE would still have to pay his rent without you!

If you want more help, please do email me as you may not want to go into details over yahoo about money etc.

Felix Said:

Can a full-time student live with someone claiming Housing Benefits?

We Answered:

She can claim but your student loan and any grants will be taken into account as you live together.

Harry Said:

Are there any housing benefits I can get if I am a full time student?

We Answered:

It's because if you are young, able-bodied and have no children, you don't qualify for any.

That is what financial aid is for, it will pay for you to live on-campus.

If you don't want to live on-campus, that is a choice..but don't expect the taxpayers to foot the bill for it.

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