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Housing For Students

Jeanne Said:

affordable housing for students around temple university?

We Answered:

Hi. I think your best bet is to check out a free classified ads website, such as As a university student myself, I know the stress of expensive rent on top of tuition; I found my housing at stumblehere. It's easy because you can find housing in any geographical area and you can compare/contrast your housing options. I think the direct link for stumble's housing is…

Joan Said:

Where can future NJ community college students in find info on off-campus housing for students?

We Answered:

Check the school's website for the Office of Residential Life -- sometimes they have listings on there or in the office. They should be able to direct you to good resources.

Megan Said:

Are community college students eligible for student housing?

We Answered:

Some community colleges may have student housing, but most of the time community colleges are considered commuter schools. Check with schools you are interested in to see if they offer student housing.

Violet Said:

Can single parent students claim housing benefit?

We Answered:

housing benefit and council tax benefit should still be covered. Income support and unemployment benefit will no longer be paid.

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