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Housing In London

Penny Said:

what are the criteria for eligibility for council housing in London?

We Answered:

You have to be of non British descent, unable to speak English, have no job, and entered our islands illegally. You'll get everything then, the nanny state will provide via my taxes.

Dorothy Said:

I'm looking for a north London housing estate that has very very small kitchens?

We Answered:

Ha Ha H a ,not a lot to go on then.
a north London housing estate that has very very small kitchens

Vernon Said:

How do you register for housing in a London Council?

We Answered:

You'll be waiting till you're dead unless you are in a minority group or asylum seeker. If you're not you could be waiting 20 years to get a house-no joke!

Nathaniel Said:

If your scottish would you get housing benefit in London?

We Answered:

The whole of the UK run on the same benefit system, it doesn't matter where you originally come from it only matters where your going to be living. Remember though, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Housing benefit is unlikely to cover anything more then a studio flat or small 1 bedroom and if your under 25 they will only pay for a room in a shared house or a bedsit. If your unemployed I presume your going to be on JSA? IS JSA going to cover your other living costs? Everything is more expensive in London then elsewhere, and jobs are very scarce with a lot of graduates moving to London hoping to get a job in a big store or office. Have you thought about the extra cost of living in London?

Leah Said:

London council housing, what are the rules on work and maintenance before a tennant can move in?

We Answered:

"The whole flat needs re-gutted, the kitchen and bathroom are dismal and falling apart and the walls have holes all over them and need rubbed down." Is this the council's conclusion, or your own? The Decent Homes Standard for council homes is remarkably low. It stipulates only that homes must be let windproof and watertight and that kitchens and bathrooms must be working, functional and 'reasonably modern' - council interpretation of this is often creative. In reality, this means that many council homes are in variable repair, can have bathrooms and kitchens which have been there for decades, and can be a surprise for new tenants with higher expectations. This is one of the downsides of social renting.

Have you asked the council whether they plan to do any renovations on your home before you move in? Unless the council have informed you that they plan to carry out work, it's unlikely they'll be doing anything at all - kitchens and bathrooms are not replaced as standard when a tenant moves in, unless they are damaged beyond repair, and cosmetic work is your responsiblity, not the council's. However, you will be entitled to a small 'decoration and disturbance allowance' (usually given in the form of vouchers for Homebase or B&Q) to allow you to buy plaster/paint/wallpaper, carpets/flooring and other things to do your own decorating. See here for information about applying:…

Tyrone Said:

Any recommendations for groups or associations that help out with finding affordable housing in London?

We Answered:

Not sure about groups but you could try for a short term flat share on gumtree as often people will rent out their rooms for a month or so if they are out of the country.

Franklin Said:

Why is most of the social housing in London full of third world immigrants?

We Answered:

You refer to the fruits of a Labour Government, it was all part of the master plan, to disregard the Public, steam roll ahead fling open the boarders and buy in voters.

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