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Housing In Waterloo

Christine Said:

is S Smith&Sons ltd still in business?

We Answered:

I couldn'/t tell u if they are still trading but this website seems to give a comprehensive history of the company and may be of some help

Evelyn Said:

what are living expenses in Waterloo, housing, groceries, entertainment...etc?

We Answered:

Waterloo is a very safe city in comparison to the larger metropolitans, like Toronto or Vancouver. You'll find rents and house prices to be a bit higher than in Kitchener due to the proximity to the Universities.

Waterloo has many bars and restaurants and is great for nightlife if that's what you're looking for. Groceries are reasonable depending I guess on where you're coming from. I live in Calgary now and food is way more expensive here than in K-W.

Emily Said:

Anyone live in John Street Waterloo, Sydney?

We Answered:

I would dare say that finding an answer form someone who actually live there would be highly unlikely or at least you may have to wait a long time to get an answer. To actually ask an answerer from a very specific street in a city who will also have a Y!A account AND come here to THIS section at the right time to see this question before it expires is really asking a lot.

But hey! You might get lucky!

Cheers from southern New South Wales

Theresa Said:

13 Stories Haunted House in Waterloo, Iowa?

We Answered:

That's a hoax, it doesnt exist

Ana Said:

Does anyone know the address of john wayne gacy house in waterloo Iowa?

We Answered:

The house no longer exists, it was torn down shortly after his conviction.

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