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Housing To Rent

Jessie Said:

What do you pay for in a typical apartment rent vs a regular housing rent?

We Answered:

We were renting at 550.00 a month. We bought a place and now pay only 100.00 more. We have a much nicer place and it is our own.
It really depends on WHERE you plan to live on how much your rent will be.
When it comes to bills there is no difference except they might be a bit higher in a house.
You will have:
Rent, groceries, electricity, heat, garbage, water, cable, phone, etc.
I hope you both have a job.
Good Luck to you both = )

Norman Said:

What the gonvernment should do in this housing rent market?

We Answered:

Government is one of the problems NOW. Government must stay out of private sector business decisions!!

Dolores Said:

how much is the housing rent in singapore?

We Answered:

renting the hold house maybe $1k+ if ur going to rent a room then maybe $300

Kelly Said:

I'm taking a job in Vail Colorado and am looking for affordable housing (rent). any ideas?

We Answered:

I suggest checking out
Plenty of listing at all prices, many with photos and map links

Joanne Said:

What would be the best way to provide affordable housing: rent control or vouchers?

We Answered:

I'd vote for vouchers -- because if there's more demand for housing, then there will be more houses built.

But, maybe a little bit of both could be practiced. Downtowns should really have people living in them, not just businesses being practiced. A real community will also cut down on crime, and help the nighttime economy of the downtown. So, rent control for downtowns, and vouchers for people who want to move out to the 'burbs. Either-or. (-: You don't get vouchers for your rent-controlled house.

Also, I think the government should subsidize inexpensive but good housing (hold it to standards), and encourage people to move to depopulated rural areas. Also encourage tele-commuting and business in smaller communities.

Nicholas Said:

how much rent one can show to take the benefit of Housing Rent Allowance? Is there any criteria 4 Employer?

We Answered:

Expert Subhash Lakhotia plans tax for Vipin Kumar.

His basic salary: Rs 14,000 per month,

Special Allowance: Rs 4500,

HRA: Rs 7500,

Conveyance: Rs 800

You have to pay income tax on the entire salary. Special allowances will be added to the salary and then taxed. Your house rent allowance will be taxed if you don’t pay the house rent while transport allowance is not taxed. Minimum amount will be deducted as HRA from among the following three things- actual amount of HRA, excess of rent paid over 10% of the salary (the amount remaining after deducting 10% of the salary from house rent) or 50% of the salary that is exempted for the big cities and 40% for the small cities.

If you are living in your own house and haven’t spent HRA, your entire HRA will be taxed. To prevent this, I suggest you invest more from your salary under section 80 C of the IT Act.

Bryan Said:

Housing... rent, buy, what is important to you?

We Answered:

BUY!! You'll earn equity because home purchasing is an investment.

Important: at leat 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a large yard.

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