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International Student Accommodation

Brenda Said:


We Answered:

"What If" above has listed the US and Canadian universities with Accredited Petroleum Engineering programs. You would have to contact the various universities for their out-of-state costs but those would be much greater than $12,000 as you mentioned above. However, to answer your question, if you can qualify for an academic scholarship which would essentially wave the out-of-state tuition, then you could attend any one of the state run colleges for about $12,000 per year total cost. Private colleges are more expensive such as the University of Tulsa.

Most Petroleum Engineers work as summer interns for oil & gas companies and are well paid which would help to offset your costs. With a scholarship and summer intern jobs I was able to pay myself through Petroleum Engineering by carefully budgeting my summer salary.

Deanna Said:

Which university in Australia convenient for international student?

We Answered:

Depends on what your ultimate degree happens to be as some Unis are more prestigious than others.If you go to the Australian Embassy in your Country they may help although you need complete info re your actual Point of study.If medicine,Melbourne Uni is the tops.If alw and Commerce's ANY State uni is fine but l prefer wither ACT or Monash in Melb or Melb uni.
Re accommodation most Unis now have student accommodation whether on campus or off and especially International House which is where a lot of overseas students head for as they have contact with all people from different Countries plus even Australians as they allow Australians there also.Some Unis offer off campus accommodation in suitable checked places where you can board for a fee which occasionally is cheaper than through the actual Uni residential Colleges.It all depends on what you want.
If you want further info you can e-mail me as used to be what the Americans calla TA which is someone who gets free accommodation in return for helping students in residential Colleges and also can give tutorials as well as they are usually studying for a PhD or something else,post grad l mean.Good luck and do your Research carefully you cannot afford an error.
By the way if you are aiming at a Catholic Unit the fees are higher than the usual.
If You are form an Asian Country Melbourne is your choice as we have a huge population of overseas students from these Countries studying here and you will feel right at home

Zachary Said:

Where can I access information on the lifestyle of an international student in Hong Kong, average costs etc???

We Answered:

University accommodation in Hong Kong's very decent. Comfortable, and you'd also get to make friends with other students. I have friends who are currently studying at the Chinese University and Hong Kong University, and they both love living in the university halls. Uni accommodation in Hong Kong's very convenient too, unlike some in, for example, London, where they make you live in the sticks and travelling to school takes an hour. Most should be within walking distance to campus, and are close to public transport too.
About private accommodation, renting's relatively expensive in Hong Kong, so unless you find a flatshare (which are a little difficult to find), or you live really far from the city, you'd be much better off living on campus, as you'd be saving money on rent/transport/food.
Regarding costs for uni accommodation, some halls are all inclusive, bills-wise, but some might require you to put in a dollar or something every day for the aircon etc. It'd still be cheaper than if you rent outside though!
Hope this helps.

Kristina Said:

Advice for someone considering becoming a international student?

We Answered:

I would suggest that you contact someone in the faculty of the institution you hope to study in, that will give you the best idea. Perhaps you can connect to one of the students in that department through one of the social media like Facebook or MySpace.

Our son is currently studying abroad and he followed the procedure as it was laid out on the university website, you could do the same. Invest in Skype, that will let you call overseas very economically.

As for UCAS, I think it is for people who can't manage to do the registration thing on their own.

btw, what is a 'freshman' in Canadian high schools? I have never, ever heard that term used here and in the UK, it's all about Levels.

Vera Said:

How do I find out my NHS number?

We Answered:

First I'd try calling the surgery where you were registered when you were in college. Your details may still be in their records.

If not, you probably do need to contact the NHS. Probably the receptionist at that surgery will be able to help you.

Failing that, go and try to register with a GP and see if their receptionist can advise you.

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