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International Student House London

Corey Said:

Abusive Landlord/bad situation HELP?

We Answered:

You could speak to the local council, especially about the hob leaking gas, that sounds dangerous.

Loretta Said:

Help!!Help!! HEEEEELP!!! London??

We Answered:

Sunny and warm. But of course the weather in England is always unpredictable so take something waterproof just in case.

There are sure to be a lot of Spanish-speaking people in London, there are people from all over the world, in great numbers.

Depends what you want to do..whether your food is provided or whether you want to eat at restauarants every night etc can make a big difference, for example.Personally I would take no less than £500 for the whole 3 weeks.

Don't know sorry.

it is quite useful , I'v heard. There are a lot of forgeries of all sorts of ID cards floating around in London though so don't be surprised if people question you.

You mean the express bus from Gatwick Airport to Central London?,in that case yes, I expect you can even just board the bus and pay on board.

Jane Said:

can i sue the poilice over this incident?

We Answered:

No. The police didn't cause this problem. You caused this problem by beating your girlfriend.

Real men don't hit women.

Minnie Said:

Have not changed the name to new keeper now I got a lot of tickets?

We Answered:

firstly you were in the should have sent them away...
fight it,if you were away on holiday at the timre of the tickets then your in for a chance...

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