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International Student House

Gail Said:

If you are an international student in the US can you buy a house there?

We Answered:

Yes, you can by a house in the U.S. even though you are in the country on a student visa.

However, note that owning property does not provide you any other rights to visit, work or live the U.S. in the future. That process would be determined independently with no consideration of property ownership in the U.S. That's probably only a problem for a small number of people in this situation.

Ocassionally foreigners in the U.S. on student or other temporary visas, who bought U.S. real estate, are not able to return to their U.S. property. They were later denied a visa or entry to the U.S. for unrelated problems (violations of their visa status, or similar). The fact that they owned a house in the U.S. meant nothing in this process.

Yolanda Said:

Is it possible for an international student in UK to buy house on mortgage with own money.?

We Answered:

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Charlie Said:

as an international student in the Uk can I buy a house for myself?

We Answered:

You could buy a house but the fact that you owned it would not give you the right to overstay your Visa.So if your via runs out in three years time you must still leave the UK on or before that date.

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