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International Student Housing London

Jimmie Said:

Immigration police verification?

We Answered:

Good Luck ! are you temporary migrants ?

Valerie Said:

I'd like to move to Belgium...what do I need to know?

We Answered:

If I were you, I would start by looking at the information provided by the major universities in Belgium. For instance, most offer a brochure or information packet to international students that include the cost monthly expenses, tuition rates, and registration fees. The link below is the one from KU Leuven, which is where I'm currently studying. It includes information about monthly expenses (they recommend having 650 euros a month to cover rent/food/etc.), but it also includes general information about visa requirements and health insurance as well (though if you're from the U.K. you probably don't have to worry about that as much).

Also, I would look into participating in the Erasmus program. Most undergraduate programs (in the Flemish region) are taught in Dutch, so you would need to be proficient in order to be accepted. However, universities also tend to have strong Erasmus programs for international students, and through that you can take courses in English. It just would be difficult to complete a whole program here without being fluent in Dutch. For grad students, which I am, there are more options to do a complete English-language program.

So the main universities I would look at are the University of Antwerp, Ghent University, The Free University in Brussels, and, of course, the Catholic University of Leuven.

Good luck!

Chad Said:

How to find out information about the people that stayed with us?

We Answered:

One possible solution would be to contact the organisation that run the exchange scheme, they may have historical records, and at least be able to send a message if they are not able to directly give you any contact details.

Tiffany Said:

Effects of an extended period of less oil and/or other limited resources?

We Answered:

To resolve this issue simply pay for the cost of the oil that you use either that or no oil for the car, house etc. In essence, life is what you make it, you can die tommorrow, so pay your bills today, live for today.

Embargo/embargo= pay to live

Floyd Said:

effects of an extended period of less oil and/or otherlimited resources?

We Answered:

considering the oil crisis was man made, I would say the effects would be bearable if this happens again. the oil countries were flexing their muscle. The reason this probably wont happen again in the near future, The U.S. is protecting many friendly oil producing countries. the oil producing countries are not a close nit family anymore so to speak. as for the research, it is already going on, but as with all things, the cost far outweighs the rewards at this point. to shelve fossil fuel right now cold turkey would throw the entire world into a depression of unimaginable magnatude.

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