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International Students Housing

Daryl Said:

How do I punish these selfish international students?

We Answered:


Troy Said:

Why do international students take advantage of local students?

We Answered:

They sound like they are Chinese.

Chinese being polite tell people "you are great". Not, "thank you".

Often western people misunderstand this, get a bit of an ego and go overboard, offended the Chinese people.

The reality is that these "poor" students are from rich spoilt Chinese families, and are sent to Oz to study because they couldn't get into a good university in their own country.

Many foriegners in China are similar, can't get a job at home, come to China and take advantage of Chinese hospitality.

The answer is, don't give too much. Build friends based on equality.

Donald Said:

where can i find legal aid for international students in Dallas TX?

We Answered:

You should be able to use any legal services that lawyers offer. Assuming that it is small claims (up to $5,000).

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research paper essays said:

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