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Kingston Student Housing

Gail Said:

Private sector househunting for students...?

We Answered:

This is not unusual.

Look at or Unite also have student accommodation around the country.

Call letting agents in the area - they will be used to dealing with people in your situation.

Gladys Said:

My mom and my college decisions?

We Answered:

It sounds like your mom is anxious about you leaving home because you are her only child. Like many moms, she may feel that you are somehow safer if you're close to home where she can watch over you. But her anxiety is obviously feeding your own insecurity because you keep hesitating to actually make a decision and move forward. You know you can handle this -- make your plans and go! Go ahead and make arrangements to transfer to UCSD or wherever you want to go. Tell your mom you've made a decision and you hope she will support you. And if she starts bringing up obstacles, you just politely tell her that you've already considered that, but you're going ahead with your plans. And then do it! She'll relax once you've been there for awhile and she sees that you're happy and doing well.

Derrick Said:

Do you know who I am talking about?

We Answered:

1.Eric Clapton
2.The Dave Clark 5 ?
3.Elvis Presley for his mother
4.The Beach Boys ?
5.James Brown ?
7.The Rolling Stones
9.Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel ?
11. The Who / Tommy
12.Jimmi Hendrix
13.Carlos Santana
14. Blind Faith ?
15.The Bee Gees ?

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