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Leeds Student Homes

Ann Said:

Leeds or Cardiff for an international student?

We Answered:

I went to university in Wales and I would recommend it... I went to Swansea and although we have a love/hate relationship with the uni's sporting rivalries it is a lovely city!!! It is close enough to other places to, you can go to the Brecon Becon's easily enough, into the UK to Bristol, and then down to Swansea for some of the nicest beaches in the UK all within an hour!!

I have a lot of friends who went to Cardiff uni and they all loved it!!! Welsh people are lovely, so friendly and welcoming that you would get settled in easily aswell!!

Vivian Said:

17year old student wanting to live with my 18 yr old boyfriend, still live at home, dont know where to start?

We Answered:

Stay at home! You are too young to live with him. Let HIM get the place and you can visit.

John Said:

where to do Nursing?

We Answered:

Try Online Study System By this Site and its free

Best Regards

Eduardo Said:

Coach from Sheffield/Manchester/Leeds to Belfast?

We Answered:

Well, to get by train from Sheffield to the Manchester Airport takes about 1 ¼ hours and a flight from Manchester to Belfast takes another hour.

Bus/ferry travel would take 12 ½ hours during the day and almost 14 hours on a night connection and it would involve a stopover at either Carlisle or Manchester. I therefore can't understand why you have seen a bus to Belfast departing from Sheffield. Maybe that the summer schedule offers this connection.

Offered connections by National Express Coach are (fare £44.00):

depart from Sheffield Coach Station: 10:30am; arrive at Carlisle: 15:45 (3:45pm)
depart from Carlisle: 16:15 (4:15pm); arrive at Cairnryan port: 18:55 (6:55pm)
depart from Larne port: 22:20 (10:20pm); arrive at Belfast, Europa Bus Centre: 23:05 (11:05pm)

depart from Sheffield Coach Station: 17:15 (5:15pm); arrive at Manchester 18:46 (6:46pm)
depart from Manchester: 20:15 (8:15pm); arrive at Stranraer Stena Line terminal: 02:00
arrive at Belfast, Europa Bus Centre: 07:05

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Bernice Said:

Tips on emigrating to Toronto, Canada to live and work?

We Answered:

Start by contacting the Ontario Nurses Association, to find out how you can become qualified to practise as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. Here is their website.

In order to come to Canada to work and live, you must FIRST apply and be accepted, as a immigrant, by the Government of Canada.

Here is their general information website. You would be applying as a "skilled worker".

Nurses are one of the occupations that are "in high demand " in Canada, at this time. As you speak English as your first language, you have a decided advantage over other applicants, who don't.

Good luck.

Jim B. Toronto.

Courtney Said:

Hamsters and Student Accomedation?

We Answered:

Most universities don't let you have pets, but a hamster might be okay. The best thing is to check with the school.

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