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Terrence Said:

where are the nouns any help reaaly needed ill give you a prize?

We Answered:

1. film is a noun. it is a thing.
2. no yesterday is not a noun. It tells when the sun was shining. It is an adverb
4. MJ is a noun. Also name.
5. I am not at all certain about feline. It does appear to be an adjective here. The same can also be said about floor. It describes covering. But in both cases the two words together are the thing. It is like terms used to name birds. Chipping Sparrow is the name of the bird, but chipping does describe sparrow. Therefore is Chipping an adjective or a noun? Since it is part of the name of the bird, I think it is a noun.
6. song is a noun.
8. fact, city, Japan

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