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Liverpool Student Homes

Constance Said:

Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Hope & Edge Hill universities and student life in Liverpool?

We Answered:

I attended LJMU and there is a big student society in Liverpool, one of the main nightclubs is Medication which is every Wed (but closes in the student holidays). You can also check out to see what is happening in the city, such as night club reviews and also events are posted here by the main nightclubs and bars.

Liverpool I think must have one of the largest Irish populations in the country (well it seems so), a lot come here for the weekend to party, and a large population of Irish study at the University (they tend to study pharmacy for some strange reason haha), especially at LJMU. Also, a lot Scousers have Irish families or decent.

Morris Said:

Mother's idiot boyfriend and me?

We Answered:

Thats Kinda Complicated,even if you throw him out the house,you have to stay with your mother and help her,also you have to work and make money so you can help your self and your mother,you wont have to study at all
second do you have any relatives??,you can always ask help when that Boyfriend go away
the only thing i can think of right now is to be friends with him,i know it's kinda hard but remember he's giving you nerves but at the same time he's helping your mother..
he also must get some help about his Addiction other wise he might help himself and others

Second only your mum can throw him out the house,she's the one who has relationships with him

Alright i'm Sorry mate about what's happening to you,i hope everything would get better soon

Allison Said:

is liverpool university a well respected university and how is the business school there ?

We Answered:

Hi there,

Liverpool university is a top-25 university in the U.K. The business school there is not a hugely renowned course, but it is respected. The university life is brilliant in Liverpool; people say that it is a rough city and the crime rate is high. Yes the crime rate is high in the suburban estates, however where the campus is, crime rate is fairly low. In terms of being rough, Liverpool is one of the friendliest cities I know, everyone is always keen to smile and say hello (sometimes you have trouble getting scousers to shut up though, but it is always in good spirit).

Liverpool was also City of Culture 2008 and has a vast amount of clubs, social areas, museums, markets, shops, religious buildings etc. I would highly recommend it to all!

Good luck in applying! :-)

Diane Said:

my final year in school, help me with future choices PLEASE? (guernsey to liverpool)?

We Answered:

Not sure 100% best thing to do, is speak to Connexions. They are the group for 13-19 year olds, and help with everything from education, employment the whole works.

I know that if you lived on your own, you can get benefits for it, or something like. My friend lived in his own tiny room, in a shared house which the government people paid for.

But like I said, speak to Connexions and they can help.

How can I get thumbs down for giving proper advice...

Anne Said:

Are you pleased with your HOME secretary ?

We Answered:

How do they get it so very, very wrong?

Discuss It!

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