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London Student Apartments

Vera Said:

how do i move to London? from U.S.?

We Answered:

American citizens may visit the UK for up to 6 months, but NOT work. to work, you must get a nearly impossible to get work visa...need to be highly educated and skilled and find an employer to sponsor you.

Morris Said:

thinkin of traveling to europe with a friend??? and im a student and gona be 18 so any advicee?

We Answered:

Hi! A friend told me about a Travel Club that was too good to be true! A Life-Time Membership for only $99 and no other fees! For 4 years now, every year we have taken 2 wonderful cruises, a 7 day stay at a resort condo and other little getaways and discounts like 2 for 1 airfares. It's wonderful and my husband and I have really enjoyed the times together. I've included a link if you want to check it out for yourself.


Karen Said:

Cost of life in London?

We Answered:

Cost of life in London is a bit expensive.

E.G You need a travell card to travell on the tube. It will cost you about £110 a month, but the good news is that you don't need a car, and that the tube is good!

For about £400 you''ll get a room., and share the rest of the hopuse.
I know its not perfect but this is London. and u'r the student.

Food will cost you about £200-£300 a month, or if u'r me maybe up to £400 (I got fat tendencies and need to eat super healthy to stay in shape).

A night out will cost you about £50 and a drink in most clubs will cost you from £4 to the night ones and maybe 2.50 to the day ones or pubs as well call them here!

You got to lear where to shop because there are places you can get good stores with good stuff and relative good prices. But that i'll leave to you!

So have fun!

By the way where are you coming from?

Do you know evrything you need to know about the UK?

Some thing I did not read in any books, where the sexual attitudes they have here!

You might want to research that a bit.
Also how flexible are your values, if you are very flexible then you'll be fine, but make sure you check this thing out!
Some people have problems!

I just finished my degree last week in here! and I wish I was told about their sexual attitudes before I came in here! I would have gone somewhere ellse, and now would have made the best of my experience in another country!

Holly Said:

which study abroad should I take?

We Answered:

do u speak italian?....if u dont,roma is going to b very diffcult 4 u ...but since u will b a student environment or wt the italian family ,it MIGHT b easily......
i think london is better but its your decision........if i were u i wld choose london

Clifton Said:

Living in London?

We Answered:

The Kensington/Chelsea area is very expensive, probably the most expensive in London. Have a look at for property listings and an idea of prices in different areas.

I'd have thought that with your experience you should be able to get a similar sort of job in London, but I'm not sure about the wages, as I've never done that sort of work. I'd imagine the pay wouldn't be great, so you may need to think about living somewhere a bit cheaper so you can afford to pay bills etc.

Jeanette Said:

What kind of loan can I get to help with this trip??

We Answered:

It's next March, get a job and save every penny.

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