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London Student House

Tonya Said:

How much roughly would i have to put down as a deposit for a house of flat?

We Answered:

By no means is this financial advise and you should ALWAYS consult a independent financial adviser.

I am a big fan of sticking to the old rules 10% deposit to allow you to get the best deals in the market on a mortgage and no more that 2.5x - 3x your annual income.

I know this is not going to be easy and I may be talking rubbish for the south east London market however I am not a big fan of taking out large loans way over what you can afford because your lifestyle has to change permanently and if the market changes you may loose you home

Jennifer Said:

What should I do about this house?

We Answered:

Why would it better for him to have you in September, that leaves 3 months empty - no money.

Richard Said:

What's been the lowest point of your life so far? Do you ever think you'll feel as bad as that again?

We Answered:

They say life begins at forty well that's the day i got epilepsy and lost my job as a result, had to sell my barge which i lived on (my house basically) lost my driving licenses,lost my self confidence,couldn't cook for my self or go near water,ride a bike,climb ladders,etc etc.i now suffer from depression and have to see a psycho therapist.Nice one eh.There's always someone worse off than yourself.

Sally Said:

Can I come to the UK to arrange for my living arrangements before I get my student visa?

We Answered:

You could come as a visitor for up to six months. Then apply for a student visa.

I rather think that a student visa is for 3 years, to allow you to get a full University course, so that you might be as well getting that first for an 18 month course, it would give you enough time to do what you want to.

There is a good governtment web site on this link

It will tell you all you need to know.

Jennie Said:

I'm a student and I want to rent 3 bedroom house, but the estate agents refused me. What should I do?

We Answered:

If it is your brother who is signing the lease, he needs to be the one whose name the enquiry is in. Tell them his details and how much he earns, and they will probably do a credit search on him, they might also need bank statements from him to show he IS getting a monthly/weekly salary that will cover the rent, and they might need a letter from his employer confirming the employment, plus probably two references.

As the person above said, it's easier to go to the landlord themselves directly instead of an agency. Look for offers on e.g. and contact them personally, they should be a lot less difficult than stupid agencies.

So next time you enquire, just say it's for your brother, and you are organising it as he is busy (with work, a baby, etc... make up a good excuse). And mention that he earns a good salary, etc, if they ask.

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