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London Student Houses

Lauren Said:

Where is a good place to live in England?

We Answered:

wel I live in a town called washington, its in the middle of newcastle and sunderland two quite big citys. Its a really nice place to live and there is lots to do. Its not far from the beach (about 20mins) although you will probs think its freezing here all the time haha.
The nightlife is really good to, theres newcastle which is one of the best nights out in the UK, sunderland, washington, durham, chester, shouth sheilds gwwd the list goes on....
anyway theres a shopping centre and the metro centre which is the biggest shopping centre in europe is about 30mins away
Its quite far from london but a train only takes about 5hours so its not that bad and there is loads of other citys close by like york and glasgow which I love!!
Hope this helps and hope you like England xxxxx

Byron Said:

Queen Mary university london. What's it like? ?

We Answered:


QMUL has really nice residence halls since the have undergone renovations not to long ago. I havn't been inside Pooley House (big freshmen house), but heard it's nice as well. There are many halls and even intercollegiate halls, which makes the campus bigger. Many people say students of QMUL are those who have been rejected from London School of Economics, Imperial College London, etc. Although there is some truth to this, it still is a good university with good professors. It's fun to study here but it also depends on what your major is and the department you're in.

Student Union (Drapers) is pretty live in-terms of the amount of students and activities. It has also undergone renovations, so it's gonna be that much better. QMUL has a large international community with about 24% students being from all over. This also makes things fun and interesting, since you get to interact with different types of people. Mile End isn't the greatest area but it isn't horrible either. Many say it's too dangerous and you'll get stabbed if you walk around past 10 pm, but that's hardly the case.

Good luck, im sure you'll enjoy it !!

Casey Said:

i am indian have got a uk student visa valid upto nov '2008.can i go to switzerland?

We Answered:

You will not require visa for visiting Switzerland if you have current residency visa in UK and same goes for your family.
You will not need any other visa if flying to your destination directly. However, if you intend to travel by land then all of you will need Schengen visa (assuming you would be first landing in one of the Schengen countries).

Marshall Said:

typical day in englang ( london )?

We Answered:

I worked in a school in Cumbria and let me tell you that they have dinner quite early! tea time (that's what they call dinner time) started at 5pm. Food is not quite tasty there, sorry to say it but english food was not what I expected and as a teacher I stayed in my own flat and I cooked for myself. Schools have a lot of extra curricular activities which you'll enjoy, there are also a lot of cultural acxitivites such as going to plays, musicals, mueseums, etc. School begins at 9 am and finishes by 5pm. But i all depends on the school! I recommend you try the schools's meals first and then decide if you would like to prepare your own meals or go for a sandwich, I usually went to Mc Donalds or KFC if I was hungry as food was somewhat greasy and I didnt like mutton and kidney and things like that. Desserrt on the otherh and, are quite delicious!

Leon Said:

Should I move back to London?

We Answered:

Well I can't really answer your financial questions as I don't know your financial situation but you get a generous amount of time to pay student loans back. I've applied to two London universities and I'm waiting for responses :) i'm worried about affording accommodation but you only live once and London is one of the most vibrant, historical cities in the world so if you have your heart set on studying there then go for it! Which uni have you been accepted to? I'm hoping for Imperial College or the Royal Veterinary College. Plus the economy is on the up...who knows where we'll be in a year. Go for it if you don't think you'd feel fulfilled studying in the states, but if there are american uni's you'd be happy to go for which cost less then definitely look into them. I'm sure you'd have a great time at either. Right, enough waffle. Hope I helped!

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