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Look For Houses

Christian Said:

What are good websites to look houses, or websites you would recommend to look at houses?

We Answered:

Hey I would definitely suggest you to check out these websites, I have found really helpful and beneficial information here:

Edith Said:

What should I look for when looking at houses?

We Answered:

A good trick for buying a home is to remember that you have to live in the house at all hours of the day and night. Go by the house you are interested in, during the early evening. When the people of the neighborhood and kids are playing. This will help you to determine the character of the neighborhood. Check out the neighborhood in the morning and during the night. Get a home inspector to check the home for you for he will see things that you never will. Foundation flaws etc. Talk to the neighbors. you are going to have to live with them and they will know the gossip that you should be aware of before you purchase. What day is trash day and what time do they come by. Is it 6:00 in the morning at full volume? are you close to an airport. any overflights? Distance to schools, market, fire department? Things that will make a difference if you plan to live there for any length of time. Mostly common sense. good luck

Bobby Said:

How do the houses look like in Denmark?

We Answered:

In cities and densely populated areas people usually live in apartment blocks.
In areas where there is enough room for houses there is often a garage separate from the house, but not all houses have a garage, some just have a parking space.

As for size. Based on my experience I would say a typical house has kitchen, living-room, 2 bathrooms and 3-5 rooms. Many houses also have a basement not used for living. Of cause in places where prices are higher (like in cities) houses are generally smaller than in places where prices are lower.

Most danish houses have brick walls and usually tile roofs.
Like these:……

Here is a typical house build in the 1970's:…
And a newer one:…

I suggest you open and take a walk through some danish towns using street view. That will give you an idea of what the houses look like in general.

Brittany Said:

Whats a good website to look at houses for sale?

We Answered: It's addictive.
I have found that they have a lot more listings than the other real estate companies' websites. Also, you can check out different builders websites as well.

Terrance Said:

What did the inside of houses during the industrial revolution look like?

We Answered:…………

but it´s all european.…

Walter Said:

Im moving to Augusta,ga soon and was wondering if there was anywhere online to look at houses for rent?

We Answered:

The real estate market in Ga is in the tank, there are 1000's of homes for sale and very few buyers (my brother has been trying to sell his home in Cumming for over a year,( divorce). If you call any real estate company in the town you want to move to they should be able to hook you up.

Claire Said:

I want to buy a house in a city where I'm relocating. Is it bad to look at houses with two different agents?

We Answered:

I think this is fine - if you let them both know that's what you're doing, and explain that this is the best way you've found to interview a buyer's agent. If they respond negatively, that may tell you something about how they will treat you if you decide to work with them. If they spend more time on the question of who the other agent is than on finding out what you are looking for, that's a signal they're not right for you, either. Make sure you confine them to different areas, or somehow avoid wasting their time and yours by looking at the same houses twice.
A cautionary note - if you decide to work with one and then decide on a home you viewed with the other, there is some potential for an issue about who was the "procuring cause" for the sale. I'd suggest you discuss that as well, and when you decide on who you are going to work with, send the other(s) a letter or e-mail that you have decided to work with someone else, and that you are terminating the relationship (politely, if possible).

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