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Looking For Houses

Sidney Said:

How should i go about looking for houses to rent?

We Answered:

drive around to see where you want to live. i usually do it at night to see what the neighbors are like. then take note of signs, look in the paper, contact realtors for info on apts. in the area you like.

Victor Said:

how far in advance should you start looking for houses?

We Answered:

they do not have a house, they are 1st time homebuyers...

this is historically the best time to buy a house, its a total buyers market. sellers are forced to make their houses nicer and nicer, and prices keep falling, there is alot of competition out there right now, you are going to find a sweet deal...dont fall in love with the 1st house you see...and HAGGLE

shop school district...try and find a house, and make it The will get a great deal, and if you stay in there long enough to ride out this low time in the market, youll make a killing when the market picks back up...dont try and shop for a 1st time house or interim house, find a decent one in a decent hood w good schools and plan to STAY

I would say now is a good time to shop. this coming winter is going to be an awesome time to shop..winter is the historically low selling point of the year, theres going to be a crapload of inventory on the market at that time, and no one wants to move in the snow or middle of the school year.

Anita Said:

Do children enjoy looking at houses with their parents?

We Answered:

I would not dream of taking my children into someone elses home, aside from being rude as hell it would distract me from what I needed to be thinking about.

I have taken them into vacant homes though, they consider it torture. Of course I am not buying anything they would live in, only investments. When I buy something for them to live in (last time was 8 years ago) I do not take them until the choice has been made.

Luis Said:

What are some good websites if i'm looking for houses for rent in lafayette,la other than craigslist?

We Answered:
Just call a local Realtor and ask for rental referrals. Usually there is a fee of a few hundred dollars.

Or wait until you move there so you can decide what neighborhood to live in and start your search at that time.

Judy Said:

I am looking for the name of the artist who paints beautiful victorian houses.?

We Answered:

Try entering the name in a site like Absolute Arts or World Wide Art Resource.

They have data bases of current artists and some dead people, too. You might come across a dealer who handles the estate of that artist if they are dead, and that dealer could probably help you. The dealers and galleries will come up on those sites if they have listed that artist name in their websites. Good luck!

Nina Said:

Any ideas on how to TRADE houses? Looking for someone who wants the fixer we own...and will trade theirs .?

We Answered:

Cynthia Said:

What organization is looking for houses to rent as group home for pregnant teenagers in Chicago?

We Answered:

Well you should start by getting a list of local and national non-profits and calling around. I'm sure some organization could benefit from it, as for which one??? I do not know.

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