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Looking For Room

Ronnie Said:

What does the saying: your like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn't there mean??

We Answered:

It means, you are so totally lost, you are beyond help.

Maxine Said:

I need a bed for a small room, looking for a single bed that can width can be extended?

We Answered:

How about using a Futon, it's a couch that folds to a bed when you need it. There very comfortable.

Naomi Said:

want to paint my room looking for software to practice my colors on the wall?

We Answered:

paint companies have the interactive programs now. you pick a room close to yours in shape and layout and play with different colors on your furniture then on the walls. it's really fun and inspiring!

Andy Said:

Decorating my Laundry Room, Looking for Pictures?

We Answered:

Cathy Said:

how do you make a "grown up" looking room with these obsticles?

We Answered:

Definitely dismantle the car bed and put it in the garage (or give it away). You could get a cheap metal frame that supports the box springs (I did this for years and years). Once the racecar is gone the sky's the limit. You don't need a headboard to have a nice room.
Or you could just put the box springs and mattress directly on the floor. Maybe you could use that as your cue to make an Asian-themed room w bamboo blinds, paper lanterns, and silk pillows. All those things are easy to find and inexpensive.

Jenny Said:

What could be wrong with my parents; they are vacant most of the time, eg, walk into a room looking for?

We Answered:

im not sure ur parents are mentally ill they are prob just being parents! parenting is stressful and maybe ur mum is genuinely shy, but try to talk to ur parents , they are human after all. when ur sister attempted suicide did she receive any medical help ie being referred to a a psychiatrist , and how are you feeling(apart from embarrassed by your parents) if there is genuine neglect here, ie you 2 not being fed, clothed etc properly try talk to another trusted adult or a school .
remember parents can be embarrassing and we dont get every thing right,
how about family counselling
good luck,

Lauren Said:

i am looking for room ideas help?

We Answered:…

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