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Los Angeles Student Housing

Allan Said:

attending FIDM in los angeles?

We Answered:

i work with the loft centers etc in downtown los angeles. check with the DCBID (Downtown Center Business Improvement District) for help.
depending on your income, they can get you some affordable housing close to FIDM .. (i know exactly where it is ~~ 9th and figueroa!) :):)

David Said:

Unemployed and want to move to Los Angeles?

We Answered:

Caleb, no disrespect intended, but you're an idiot. California is one of the MOST expensive states to live in, and we currently have the 3rd highest unemployment rate in the country (following Michigan, and Nevada).. Why do you think Californians are moving to TEXAS in droves. It's to find work and cheaper housing.

If you're unemployed you will not be able to afford the non resident tuition rates at California Universities, and Colleges. PLEASE stay in TEXAS! Again, as I said, if you move to California you're an idiot.

Ron Said:

If I rent out a room in my house to a student how much taxes will I pay?

We Answered:

that 4800 income will be added to your earned income and you will pay taxes according to whatever tax bracket you fall into. 15% makes the tax bill 720 So yes it is worth it.

Kenneth Said:

Is Los Angeles Really Better than the San Fernando Valley?

We Answered:


San Fernando Valley is better.

Judith Said:

Moving to Los Angeles next fall. Any suggestions on where to stay?

We Answered:

Westwood is expensive and so are any nice areas nearby, they are some of the most expensive areas in LA. Culver City/Palms (about 5 - 7 miles away) would be the closest area that is on the less expensive side, yet still mostly safe. Cheaper places in Santa Monica will likely be icky, not all of Santa Monica is nice. Same with West LA. So check carefully before committing to anything.

Westwood and the surrounding nice areas will be expensive, but try out the traffic and see if a cheaper apt further away works for you. The traffic/time is hassle enough without a baby, sometimes commuting time in LA can double for no obvious reason. Driving in from the valley would likely be a bad idea, the traffic is slow on the 405, even on the weekends.

I lived in UCLA student housing as a baby, because even back then the apts in the area were prohibitively priced.

Here is safety info to give you an idea.

Good luck!

Mitchell Said:

If I'm a student, should I register to vote with my parent's address or my school one?

We Answered:

Yes not having to constantly re-register is one convenience factor, but another is how you want to vote. If it's more convenient for you to go in person, then register where you will be during the election day. But some persons actually prefer just filling in an absentee ballot and sending it in; you don't need to stand in line at the polling places.

You might also base your decision on whether there is anybody you particularly like in one of the local elections. e.g., the candidates running for House of Representives in LA, are going to be different from those running to represent your SF district.

But by law, as a college student, you are allowed the option to select either address.

Frances Said:

How will I afford an apartment while in cosmetology school?

We Answered:

I'd imagine you may be able to make money on the side by cutting people's hair while you're studying. I wonder if you might also make money if you work in the school's own salon? You may also need to take on a part-time job.

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