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Luxury Student Housing

Emily Said:

Can I mortgage my house without an income?

We Answered:

No. if you have no source of income you have no way to pay back the loan (no matter how small). Even if the bank foreclosed on the house and lost the 1/4 mortgage, the expense of going through that is not worth it to them.

Jackie Said:

Student Visa holders / Immigants with babies and college housing ???

We Answered:

We do need reform! The Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007, by Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA), would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate birthright citizenship.
Our current policy results in over 300,000 additional citizens from anchor babies each year. The demographic impact is far greater because their families stay and bring in additional relatives. Anchor babies are eligible to sponsor their illegal alien parents and other relatives when they turn 21. Moreover, taxpayers pick up the tab for the medical costs and subsequent welfare outlays because of the child's citizenship status.

The 14th Amendment, passed to guarantee the citizenship of freed slaves, grants citizenship to anyone born here and "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States. HR 1940 acknowledges the right of birthright citizenship established by the 14th amendment to the Constitution, but says a person born in the United States is considered "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States only if one of the parents is a citizen, an alien lawfully admitted for permanent, or an alien performing active service in the armed forces.…

Teresa Said:

What would YOU do if you had half a million dollars in the bank cash?

We Answered:

Treat my lady in the best way I could...

Priscilla Said:

What is Dubai like for a visiting student to AUD for 4 months?

We Answered:

What makes you think that everybody in Dubai is super rich, owns 6 cars, 5 villas and travels to Italy for the last Gucci bag? You can find rich people all over the world.

Best time to visit would be between November and April if you do not want to deal with humidity and hot weather. But - until April it may be to cold to go swimming at the beach.
All day in Wald Wadi Waterpark will cost you Dhs 165.

Beach wear at the beach, otherwise get dressed decent (no boops falling out, belly free etc).

Classes of AUD…

As long as you do not want to leave the Campus, eat in the Cafeteria or go grocerie shopping and prepare your own meal in the central kitchen. Otherwise you will find many places where you can buy "cheap" food like Shwarma, sandwiches etc.

The following link will provide you with things to do in Dubai. Maybe you'll find something that fits you.…

Please compare:……

Take care.

Priscilla Said:

Roomate Drama!?

We Answered:

I am going through the same dilemma with my fiance's cousin. You should not have to pay more because technically even though the rooms are the same size you don't actually have equal amount of space because you are sharing a room with 2 other people and she has a room to herself. Tell her to stop trtying to get over and pay the $100. If she doesn't like it then tell her to get her own place. You have a faamily to support and she's just supporting herself. Don't let her pull that crap on you.

Ross Said:

Can landlord live with other tenants in the same house if he wants to?

We Answered:

First off your right, no one should complain about the landlord living there. It's his house. He could kick all ya'll out if he chose to. The only reason this other guy thinks it's not right is he knows that with the landlord around he can't get away with doing stuff he probably knows he shouldn't do. Or he knows that in the future, he won't be able to sneak friends in, and such. Even though, you even said that the landlord didn't say anything. There is no "proper way' to tell him. Just tell him, "If you don't like it then feel free to leave." Obviously he doesn't like authority and since landlord has authority over his house, he can't stand it.

Kyle Said:

Will the bank mortgage your house if you don't have an income?

We Answered:

You need an income in order to borrow, even if you have equity.

Sort of puts a damper on winning a luxury item.

I can only imagine what the taxes are on that baby!

Congrats on winning though!

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