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Manhattan Student Housing

Laurie Said:

What do I need to know about renting in Manhattan?

We Answered:

I was a real estate agent in Manhattan.. hopefully this helps:


#1-DOORMEN! If you see a doorman at a building (they're mostly in midtown or the UES or UWS) ask if they have any units available. Large buildings have people who rent out places... if you do this and go directly through the building management you will not pay a fee. & here is the deal with fees:

#2 FEES! The agents/brokers will try to charge you 15% of a years rent. Do the math and you're paying them a lot. This is ALWAYS negotiable. If you find a place through one of them try to talk them down. There is wiggle room with the fees. Sometimes they will have to check with their boss but the 15% fee is not firm.. regardless of what they say.

#3 DOORMAN/FEES. If a real estate agent shows you around they are supposed to make you sign a piece of paper before they show you apartments. This is largely to make sure you don't go with them and then see a doorman and later come back and go through the doorman for no fee. When I was working as an agent people would say they wanted to see buildings with doormen... for this reason. But the papers you sign say that if you take an apartment that the agent showed you (through an agent or doorman later) that you still own the agent $$$. & they can and will sue you for the $$$. Be careful there. Maybe get around that by bringing a friend and say the friend is looking at apartments so they sign it... then you can ask for doorman apartments and go back later because you did not sign the paper ;-)

#4 PRICE RANGE! Agents will try to show you places that are higher than what you told them you want.. because they see this as getting a higher fee in the end. Be firm about your price range.. VERY firm. Don't be ridiculous though. If you say you want a 1 bedroom in the East Village for $1,000 it's not going to happen. EVER.

#5 OPEN HOUSES! Look in the Daily News for open houses in the real estate section. I read in the paper they might do away with these soon but I don't think they have yet. Sometimes the open house is done by an agent and sometimes it's done by building management.

#6 HOW BROKERS FIND APT: When you call a real estate agent they get your info and go into this data base they have with all the apartments for rent. They also look at the Daily News open houses and use other resources that you could do yourself. Sometimes they even respond to other people's craigslist ads (especially for sublets).

#7 URGENCY: Agents/Brokers will try to get you to make the decision on the spot. If you're 100% sure that's fine and you should go for it. If not.. don't yet. NYC real estate does go fast... but at least go out to eat afterwards with a friend or something and think about it. I wouldn't wait too long.. but they often make you feel like you have to make a decision on the spot if they see you showing any interest. Remember... to you this will be your life for AT LEAST the next year.. probably more. For them it's a sale.


& BTW... the site that is similar to craigslist is

...and you might want to check out

James Said:

Summer housing in CCNY Harlem safe?

We Answered:

Have you checked

Ida Said:

In NYC where should a student live?

We Answered:

Alina I will say try downtown Brooklyn. 5 minutes from Manhattan in a car and 25 on public transportation. More diverse, safe, and cultural. $1000 should get you something but dont think it will be huge. That will get you a large studio or a small one bedroom. But its location location location. You will never want to leave. (Park Slope 7th avenue area) Alina you wont regret it, and will be the envy of all your visiting friends..

Manuel Said:

Cheap parking in Manhattan?

We Answered:

Nope, they dont discount parking at all in NYC. My advice is dont park in Manhattan. Some train stations in NJ have 24 hour parking for $5 as a ballpark number. Your going to have to pay for the train, but it saves you money in parking, tolls, and a lot of aggravation.

Ray Said:

What schools in Manhattan fit what I'm looking for?

We Answered:

Manhattan college and Fordham aren't that bad. If you want to go to school around or in the city the top two will obviously be Columbia University and NYU, Columbia is definitely out of your reach. NYU might be a high target or a low reach. I love NYU and I plan on going to MC and transferring to NYU to complete my B.A's. I want to go to a top medical school but that is another story which I don't need to tell you.

I would shoot for NYU. It isn't that hard to get into if you put in the time and effort.

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